Friday, 10 July 2009

Rusty Pickle amazing race challenge 7

Well its here, the last leg of the race, challenge 7.

Here is the clue

Get on outback, cause it's time to scrap near the small windmill by the old tin shed. SO search up high or search down under, spread your wings and begin to wonder. The dream is there amongst the swirls, just waiting to be found by some eager girls. SO get on outback where the skies are blue, cause that is where you'll find the clue.

Which took us to Scrapping outback. Go check out the shop, forum and all the projects that the other racers have done.

Here are my photo's. I was a bit out of my comfort zone on this one as my boys are too old for parties and i haven't had a kids party since Dan was 5 many moons ago. The challenge was to produce a sign, a centre piece, favours, invite and thank you's.

But i embraced the challenge and got into the spirit of it ready for Keith's 36th Birthday at the weekend. I made a "birthday cake" in the form of gift boxes for hidden gifts.

Then i made fancy cupcake wrappers and stick accessories with matching gift bags as favours.

I made a large DLO sign letting you know the party is here.

And a funky invite card and thank you card.

So now we just wait for the results. What ever happens i have had a ball playing with a huge amount of stunning product, have enough left to keep me going for about a year and i have made projects that i would never have done normally. The experience has let me tired but happy as i have met beautiful people along the way.

Good luck Rusty Pickle amazing racers.




{s}crap happens! said...

omg, sarah, this is truly stunning. best of luck :0)

misteejay said...

Such a wonderful selection of goodies and beautiful bright party colours.

You really have been busy lately - best of luck in the race.

Toni :o)