Sunday, 7 January 2007

Getting healthy

On Saturday we decided to go for a long walk as part of our get healthy campaign. We went to our local forest walks- windy walks. We walked for one and a half hours. We took the dog who seemed to want to just walk until I took his lead off and he just sat down in the middle of the path and refused to walk anymore. At one point me, Keith and the dog needed oxygen. Its not called windy walks for nothing you know!

For tea we had lasagne. Trying to cook it healthy with extra lean mince, skimmed milk and half fat cheese, but blew it when we ate double the amount! Dont think that was supposed to happen.

Today we are eating all the left over sweets and food from christmas as we are starting our diet tomorrow. The kids are most discusted as I did not buy any biscuits or crisps and told them they are having lots of fruit in their packed lunches. They will either eat it or starve. I I know which one it will be, yes, starve.

Decided to have ago of photoshop elements today and do a bit of digi, but i abandoned it and went back to my microsoft program, it will do for me.

Back to school tomorrow, so early night tonight for us.

Bye for now

Laugh of the day
Keith said to me before" I am sure this T-shirt is shrinking every time it gets washed" No keith, its you that is increasing I am afraid!

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