Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Just a quick post

New word learn't today
supine \soo-PYN; SOO-pyn\, adjective:

1. Lying on the back, or with the face upward.
2. Indolent; listless; inactive; mentally or morally lethargic.

On the edge of sleep, I urged my thoughts backward, back to my own back yard, where I lay supine, looking at the stars on a summer night, looking back in time as far as starlight could take me--and a drop of water fell on my forehead.

Not feeling to good today.I am supine (listless, inactive and mentally lethargic. I suffer from migraine. I have the condition under control usually but recently I don't know what is kicking it off. Usually it is kicked off by strong cheese, oranges and chocolate which I have cut out of my diet. Alright I lie, there is just a touch of chocolate in there still!

Slightly bored sitting in my pj's so did a bit of quick digital scrapbooking. I was reading a bit on two peas and decided to give it a go. I think it turned out quite nice and I didn't have to move of my big fat bum! I dont think my husband keith will appreciate it on here thought!

Bye for today as I am back of to bed
Nighty night

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