Friday, 26 January 2007

I have square eyes

New word for today

dissimulate \dih-SIM-yuh-layt\, transitive verb:

1. To conceal under a false appearance.
2. To hide one's feelings or intentions; to put on a false appearance; to feign; to pretend.

Still not feeling very well. I still have the migraine type symptoms along side the throwing up, Loverly! I had a sudden thought in the night. This all started about two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I had to go to the doctor about my thumb. I hurt it putting up the christmas tree, would you believe. But 4 weeks later, I was still in agony. Turns out I have strained the ligament and the doctor put me on anti imflamatries. So I looked at the side effects and most of how I feel are there, sickness, dizzyness, confusion (more than usual), metallic taste, constant itchy skin, fluttery feeling in my chest and the weirdest one, painful stomach, not tummy ache but feeling painful to the touch like I have taken a good kicking of someone.
I cant get a doc's appointment and was told to ring the doc direct, who was then unavailable. So what do I do now!

I am trying to do some reading for college, but with a migraine, looking at a text book and laptop screen is giving me square eyes. I feels like that feeling when you are trying to do something when you know you are really drunk and have no chance of doing it really.

I finished a quick digi layout of Alex last night. He loves cooking and I have lots of pics like this. Good on him, wont be long before he can cook the tea for us, mind you he is only six, might have to help him! LOL
I called it Le Chef

The loverly background paper was one of Kirsty Wisemans freebies from her blog. See link below

That's me done for tonight.

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Dawn said...

I really like your layout Sarah.
Hope your migraine goes
Dawn (UKS)