Thursday, 18 January 2007

Happy Birthday Alex

Alex was all excited today for his birthday. He wasn't really bothered about his presents because he has his fish. But he was all excited about the money he got. I think this is the first time he has realised the value of money. I had to take him to the toy shop after school. But the first thing he bought was some lego to cheer Daniel up from his itchy spots, ah, sweet.

New word of the day

cudgel \KUH-juhl\, noun:

1. A short heavy stick used as a weapon; a club.
2. To beat with or as if with a cudgel.

Today at work I had to prepare some microbiological samples for a senior student. I look working with bacteria as it fascinate me. How something you can't really see, can grow so quickly into something so deadly. I decided to spend a bit of time looking up the bacteria i was preparing and i found these fascinating pictures. Have a look, interesting. A bit nerdy you might think, but that's the scientist in me.

Bacillus Subtilis



And the one we are all experiencing at the moment-the common flu bug!

That's me done for the night

Tatty Bye

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