Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Some me time!

Word of the Day

cohort \KOH-hort\, noun:

1. A group or band of people.
2. A companion; an associate.
3. A group of people sharing a common statistical factor (as age or membership in a class) in a demographic study.
4. (Roman Antiquity) A body of about 300 to 600 soldiers; the tenth part of a legion.
5. Any group or body of warriors.

Still not feeling to great. I have been to the doctor's who said I need more me time. He is right. I work 8-4 four days a week as a science technician, I go to college 1 day a week. Both boys have after school clubs and swimming, boys brigade and youth club every night of the week that I taxi them too. In between I have to cook tea ready for Keith going back out to work at 7.30. Once the kids are in bed I have to study until about 10 ish. I feel selfish asking for me time but it wares you down and you just need help to get back up again.

On a positive note, I went to my crop at Mac Duff this weekend. I had a great time. 4 hours of nothing but scraping, chatting and drinking endless cups of tea! As you can see by my list of things I am going to do this year, that's 2 I can tick. I wanted to try new things so included circles, arrows and doodling into my layout. I was really pleased with my attempt. Photo to follow as my laptop has crashed and I am using the old PC. I also completed my challenge for an event I am attending in Aberdeen in April. It was all about the Selkirk Grace. With it being Burns time, I did lots of research on the subject including eating the dreaded Haggis. I don't even want to think about what is in it! At our crop we were given little 8 x 8 albums as a challenge. Each month we have to complete a LO on our chosen topic and we will have a rogues gallery at the end of the month. I am looking forward to it. Try some thing new!

That's me done. Off to do some research on the coral reef as I feel guilty about not doing any college work. Yesterday I spent the afternoon watching the 10Th anniversary edition of pride and prejudice with Colin (hotty,hotty) Firth MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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