Tuesday 31 July 2007

I am back

Friday 6 July 2007

Time flys.....liturally

We are off on hour hols in an hour os so. We drive down to widnes today and then fly from manchester tomorrow. I am excited and nervous. I am waiting for things to go wrong. I have been in a angry mood all day.

Here are a few things i have been doing lately.

This is for my team weekly challenge over on UKS. It is about my mum and the palartha i had trying to take a picture of her.

The next is another weekly challenge for my team.

Here are the teachers presents we made for the boys teachers and dawn their school bus driver who is leaving them to drive the senior school pupils. Will post a better pic when i have more time.

Lastly i have entered a DT competition over on Carolines craftz forum. Here is my entry which will hopefully get me thru the next round.

here is the photo i made in more detail. I did it digitally and added some seriously heavy jounalling around the picture. I will write it out after the hols.

Lastly is the just for fun challenge over on sprinkles blog. The challenge this week was to use predominatly black and pink. This was hard as i dont tend to stock alot of pink living in an all male household.

Just a quick mention to louise, my new charlies angels team mate. I had a loverly ATC (artist tradeing card) in the post today. I have been toyiong with the idea of doing these for a while but when this card arrived i was convince to give it ago. I might be pants but its all for the love of craft.

Thats me done as Keithy will be here in a mo and then we hit the road.

see you in 2 weeks and hope the crappy rain stops, he, he.