Wednesday 31 January 2007

Blowing my own trumpet, well someone has too!

Exam results are in!

I got a A in Chemistry (Yipee)

I got a A in ICT and Communication (Cart wheels!!!!)

I am so pleased with these as I put alot of work into these modules, blood, sweat and tears (not much blood but lots of sweat and tears!)

Shameless big up to me but I dont care!!

Now I'm off to do some more college work as I am inspired.

Tatty bye

Some me time!

Word of the Day

cohort \KOH-hort\, noun:

1. A group or band of people.
2. A companion; an associate.
3. A group of people sharing a common statistical factor (as age or membership in a class) in a demographic study.
4. (Roman Antiquity) A body of about 300 to 600 soldiers; the tenth part of a legion.
5. Any group or body of warriors.

Still not feeling to great. I have been to the doctor's who said I need more me time. He is right. I work 8-4 four days a week as a science technician, I go to college 1 day a week. Both boys have after school clubs and swimming, boys brigade and youth club every night of the week that I taxi them too. In between I have to cook tea ready for Keith going back out to work at 7.30. Once the kids are in bed I have to study until about 10 ish. I feel selfish asking for me time but it wares you down and you just need help to get back up again.

On a positive note, I went to my crop at Mac Duff this weekend. I had a great time. 4 hours of nothing but scraping, chatting and drinking endless cups of tea! As you can see by my list of things I am going to do this year, that's 2 I can tick. I wanted to try new things so included circles, arrows and doodling into my layout. I was really pleased with my attempt. Photo to follow as my laptop has crashed and I am using the old PC. I also completed my challenge for an event I am attending in Aberdeen in April. It was all about the Selkirk Grace. With it being Burns time, I did lots of research on the subject including eating the dreaded Haggis. I don't even want to think about what is in it! At our crop we were given little 8 x 8 albums as a challenge. Each month we have to complete a LO on our chosen topic and we will have a rogues gallery at the end of the month. I am looking forward to it. Try some thing new!

That's me done. Off to do some research on the coral reef as I feel guilty about not doing any college work. Yesterday I spent the afternoon watching the 10Th anniversary edition of pride and prejudice with Colin (hotty,hotty) Firth MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Friday 26 January 2007

I have square eyes

New word for today

dissimulate \dih-SIM-yuh-layt\, transitive verb:

1. To conceal under a false appearance.
2. To hide one's feelings or intentions; to put on a false appearance; to feign; to pretend.

Still not feeling very well. I still have the migraine type symptoms along side the throwing up, Loverly! I had a sudden thought in the night. This all started about two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I had to go to the doctor about my thumb. I hurt it putting up the christmas tree, would you believe. But 4 weeks later, I was still in agony. Turns out I have strained the ligament and the doctor put me on anti imflamatries. So I looked at the side effects and most of how I feel are there, sickness, dizzyness, confusion (more than usual), metallic taste, constant itchy skin, fluttery feeling in my chest and the weirdest one, painful stomach, not tummy ache but feeling painful to the touch like I have taken a good kicking of someone.
I cant get a doc's appointment and was told to ring the doc direct, who was then unavailable. So what do I do now!

I am trying to do some reading for college, but with a migraine, looking at a text book and laptop screen is giving me square eyes. I feels like that feeling when you are trying to do something when you know you are really drunk and have no chance of doing it really.

I finished a quick digi layout of Alex last night. He loves cooking and I have lots of pics like this. Good on him, wont be long before he can cook the tea for us, mind you he is only six, might have to help him! LOL
I called it Le Chef

The loverly background paper was one of Kirsty Wisemans freebies from her blog. See link below

That's me done for tonight.

Wednesday 24 January 2007

Just a quick post

New word learn't today
supine \soo-PYN; SOO-pyn\, adjective:

1. Lying on the back, or with the face upward.
2. Indolent; listless; inactive; mentally or morally lethargic.

On the edge of sleep, I urged my thoughts backward, back to my own back yard, where I lay supine, looking at the stars on a summer night, looking back in time as far as starlight could take me--and a drop of water fell on my forehead.

Not feeling to good today.I am supine (listless, inactive and mentally lethargic. I suffer from migraine. I have the condition under control usually but recently I don't know what is kicking it off. Usually it is kicked off by strong cheese, oranges and chocolate which I have cut out of my diet. Alright I lie, there is just a touch of chocolate in there still!

Slightly bored sitting in my pj's so did a bit of quick digital scrapbooking. I was reading a bit on two peas and decided to give it a go. I think it turned out quite nice and I didn't have to move of my big fat bum! I dont think my husband keith will appreciate it on here thought!

Bye for today as I am back of to bed
Nighty night

Tuesday 23 January 2007

What a life at the moment

New words learnt (There are a few as I have not updated for a while)

yeasty \YEE-stee\, adjective:

1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling yeast.
2. Not yet settled or formed; immature or incomplete.
3. Marked by agitation or change.
4. Frothy or trivial; frivolous.
5. Full of vitality; exuberant.

extemporaneous \ek-stem-puh-RAY-nee-us\, adjective:

1. Composed, performed, or uttered on the spur of the moment, or without previous study; unpremeditated; impromptu.
2. Prepared beforehand but delivered without notes or text.
3. Skilled at or given to extemporaneous speech.
4. Provided, made, or put to use as an expedient; makeshift.

censure \SEN-shur\, noun:

1. The act of blaming or finding fault with and condemning as wrong; reprehension; blame.
2. An official reprimand or expression of disapproval.
3. To find fault with and condemn as wrong; to blame; to criticize severely.
4. To express official disapproval of.

pettifogger \PET-ee-fog-ur\, noun:

1. A petty, unscrupulous lawyer; a shyster.
2. A person who quibbles over trivia.

Shimmelle's class
I took part in shimelle's free online class over the weekend. I will post some pics soon but I am not completly happy with it at the moment. Firstly my photo paper ran out, then my ink cartridge ran out. I could not go and get any printed from the chemist as Daniel still has the chicken pox. I was inpatient to get started without the right equipment so am not happy with it now as a result. But I did enjoy the concept of it and loved putting some thought into it, I even have some more on hold that I will add later on. I also love looking at shimelle's site to see what every one elso has achieved.

On Sunday afternoon, Alex fell of Daniels bunk bed. He landed on a pile of Lego toys (that he had been asked to tidy away, and did not!) His face was all cut up around the eye, so It was all in the car for a trip to A & E. Results where 3 lots of butterfly stitches and a concussion, so a day of school for observations! Daniel is still spotty with the chicken pox as well.

Today was back to college. This semester all my classes are on the same day so its great and cuts down on petrol costs! I am stressed already with the work load. I am doing Principles of ecology and have a 2000 word essay for 30Th March, a 2000 word field study to do, plus 2 PowerPoint research topics. I am also doing marine science and already have a 1500 word essay, 1200 project and PowerPoint presentation plus final exam in may. Those of you who know me will understand how I am looking forward to the PowerPoint presentations, not!

That's all the scrap booking stuff packed away from the table and replaced with college stuff! I will have to limit my crafting to my fortnightly crops. I am going to a scrapbook event in Aberdeen in April which I am looking forward too. we have been issued with a challenge this week, a layout featuring the Selkirk Grace. Not being Scottish, this is going to be a challenge!

Here are a few pics of the kids misfortune this week
Daniels spots

Alex's cut up face!

Thursday 18 January 2007

Happy Birthday Alex

Alex was all excited today for his birthday. He wasn't really bothered about his presents because he has his fish. But he was all excited about the money he got. I think this is the first time he has realised the value of money. I had to take him to the toy shop after school. But the first thing he bought was some lego to cheer Daniel up from his itchy spots, ah, sweet.

New word of the day

cudgel \KUH-juhl\, noun:

1. A short heavy stick used as a weapon; a club.
2. To beat with or as if with a cudgel.

Today at work I had to prepare some microbiological samples for a senior student. I look working with bacteria as it fascinate me. How something you can't really see, can grow so quickly into something so deadly. I decided to spend a bit of time looking up the bacteria i was preparing and i found these fascinating pictures. Have a look, interesting. A bit nerdy you might think, but that's the scientist in me.

Bacillus Subtilis



And the one we are all experiencing at the moment-the common flu bug!

That's me done for the night

Tatty Bye

Wednesday 17 January 2007

A busy old time

Continuing on my topic of learning something new each day, I have decided to learn a new word a day. Here is the first one.

foofaraw \FOO-fuh-raw\, noun:

1. Excessive or flashy ornamentation or decoration.
2. A fuss over a matter of little importance.

Yesterday Daniel arrived home from school covered in spots. I instantly knew it was chicken pox as I had them my self for the first time in the summer. Took him straight down to the doctors who confirmed it was. Daniel was ever joyed at the prospect of having time of school and all the TV he wanted. By tea time today, that novelty had worn off and he was feeling sorry for himself. He has spots mostly on the head, face and torso. He started with them on his eyes and mouth tonight. I feel so sorry for him as he has not been well at all recently. He had septic tonsillitis from September until November, which developed into an ear infection and a chest infection. That left him tired and unsociable. He lost his confidence and stopped going to his after school clubs. Over Christmas he had a great time, eating, playing and full of the joys of spring. He ventured back to his clubs last week, and now this. Poor kid is having all the bad luck.

Its Alex's 6th birthday tomorrow and he is so excited. All he wanted was a goldfish. So we went to the pet shop and picked a pair out tonight. He wanted the most ugliest goldfish in the shop. They had big sacs for cheeks and their eyes were on these, yak. We persuaded him to go for the lovely fancy tailed ones, thankfully.

I had a look at shimelle's free class on her website. I didn't think i had anything to confess but when i sat down and thought about it i have a list of 12 already. I am looking forward to this project and will put it in my book of me album as i think it will be quite personal.

That's me finished rambling for tonight.

Tatty bye

Monday 15 January 2007

♥ :: art & stuff from shimelle laine ♥

♥ :: art & stuff from shimelle laine ♥

What a week

It was back to school last monday and the hectic morning routine. I think we have it down to a fine art now. All up, dressed, fed and watered within the hour.

We had practical examinations on the Wednesday and Thursday. It is alot of work and I have to be on hand for any missing equipment. The cleaning of hundreds, and I mean hundreds of boiling tubes is a nightmare afterwards and you can only fit so many in the dishwasher. My poor feet and back were aching so much.

The healthy eating is going really well and i went swimming this well, so I am keeping up my resolution on that count. But I felt awful on Sunday so couldn't make my scrapbook club.

ON the plus side I have been messing around abit with digital again. I really can not use adobe at all, maybe I need to look up some tutorials somewhere. I just use the Microsoft stuff that comes with the laptop, It works for me!

Clause, my old shih tzu is having a lazy day today. I keep finding him curled up in a ball all over the house. I dont think he appreciates the very windy weather we are having at the moment.

Sunday 7 January 2007

Getting healthy

On Saturday we decided to go for a long walk as part of our get healthy campaign. We went to our local forest walks- windy walks. We walked for one and a half hours. We took the dog who seemed to want to just walk until I took his lead off and he just sat down in the middle of the path and refused to walk anymore. At one point me, Keith and the dog needed oxygen. Its not called windy walks for nothing you know!

For tea we had lasagne. Trying to cook it healthy with extra lean mince, skimmed milk and half fat cheese, but blew it when we ate double the amount! Dont think that was supposed to happen.

Today we are eating all the left over sweets and food from christmas as we are starting our diet tomorrow. The kids are most discusted as I did not buy any biscuits or crisps and told them they are having lots of fruit in their packed lunches. They will either eat it or starve. I I know which one it will be, yes, starve.

Decided to have ago of photoshop elements today and do a bit of digi, but i abandoned it and went back to my microsoft program, it will do for me.

Back to school tomorrow, so early night tonight for us.

Bye for now

Laugh of the day
Keith said to me before" I am sure this T-shirt is shrinking every time it gets washed" No keith, its you that is increasing I am afraid!

Saturday 6 January 2007

Friday 5 January 2007

Making the most of the hols

You are you, I am me

One day, I realised how lucky I am

Getting the most out of the remaining xmas hols. Back to school on monday and college the week after so got to get my fix now before we get overwhelmed by the clubs, activities, college homework etc.

Being off this week has given me the chance to catch up on my book of me LO. I have been following the prompts by Kirsty and Roz on UK Scrappers. It is a gentle kick up the bum which makes you think about yourself for once. The first one done this week was if i did'nt scrap i'd go mad, which sums up what life is all about at the moment.

The next one i did was about how lucky I am. One day was the prompt. One day i realised how lucky I am. Great house, great kids (a bit cheeky), great husband (sometimes), great location, what more could I want.

The last one was special to me as it was the first time I actually put a picture of me by my self on a page. Its all about how we are different and should be happy with what we have been blessed with. The journalling reads:

Sometimes I wish I was someone else, but mostly I’m glad I’m ME!
We all have our likes and differences as everyone can see.
Some are good at English; some are good at math.
Some of us like showers some prefer the bath.
Some of us are quiet; some of us are loud.
Some of us like to be alone; some of us like a crowd.
Some of us are tall; some of us are short.
Some like to play an instrument, some like to play a sport.
All of us are special as everyone can see.
There's no one in this whole wide world exactly just like me.
You are you, and I am me.

If I did'nt scrap, i'd go mad.

That's me done for today, I have had enough of this laptop. Me and the kids going to put the PJ's on and veg on the couch for the night!!

Bye for now


Scrapbook supplies from the supermarket

Whilst doing the shopping in our local Lidl, I picked up a digital label maker from brother for £9.99. I also got a handy paper cutter containing a guilotine on one side and a trimmer on the other side. I also got some sticky page markers and fancy shaped post it notes. Its amazing what you find whilst feeding the family! Currently sticky nice shiny labels on everything, even the dog got one on his tags!

Thursday 4 January 2007

Well here i go. I have set up a blog. I dont know what or how to do it, but i will give it a go.