Monday 29 December 2008

We are thinking of you Clausey

As it was the 1st anniversay of the death of our little Clausey on boxing day, he has been in our thought alot laterly.

I want to remind you of a LO i did the very next day, whilst in floods of tears trying to select 12 photo's that summed up the 12 years of his life. I love this LO and have it framed so i can look at it and be reminded of the good times and the few bad times we had including the infamous great escape episode where he got lost for 3 days and ended up in Elgin which is 17 miles away from where we live!!!!

We are not as sad as we where since we now have the crazy dropped on head at birth Koby to help fill that little gap but we do still miss him.

Off to blow my nose now as i am all chocked again just writting this, lol

Sunday 28 December 2008

Some sad news

I have recently heard from Caroline over at Carolinez Craftz Kitz that she is closing down due to ill health. I am really sad about this as i love the shop for all my chipboard bits and i loved playing with Caroline's fantastic kits each month.

I wish Caroline all the best and with the business gone she can finally chill out abit and get her health back up to scratch.

You can take advantage of a 50% reduction on all stock by using the code CLOSING. As the majority of orders will be heavy P&P will be £4.95 for each order during the closing down sale.

Head on over to the shop before its all gone

So i thought id show you are few pics of our xmas. Too much food but lots of laughts.

He is not usually this gozzy eyed, doing it for the camera

The boxing day buffet, oh i feel sick just looking at it

The present opening

Koby getting in on the act, lol

More presents, shiny new trainers

And yesterday i got on the wii fit and just did half an hour. I mainly did the hula hooping and ski jumping but boy does my rib area hurt today. And tomorrow i probably wont be able to walk as we took the boys out on their new bikes and my bike got stuck in first gear half way round so alot of peddleing was done by me!!!!

Any way gonna chill out tonight as i have been trying to research Ecoli 0157, the nasty one for an essay due in on the 5th of Jan. So spoiling my christmas break and i am dying to get some scrapping done with my new stash i got for christmas.

Bye for now

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Did you see......QVC

I got to watch QVC craft day for most of the day yesterday as the boys were watching movies in there room or on the wii.

So i sat and indulged my shopping senses, not that i bought anything as i am like the queen now adays, and carry no money, lol

I had a shopping list wrote down but as most of the american crafts stuff i wanted sold out i am hopeing there is some left for DH to get me for xmas.

But did you see Becks Fagg demonstrating all the new creativity life stuff and show caseing the scrapbook apprentice participants stuff. I saw loads of the other girls stuff but not a sausage of mine. But they were there.

The loverly Mel posted this link for me and it shows the Sweet LO i made. This is the one that is up in the voting list. You can see it here. The lo is in the flock demo and is about half way thru the clip.

The voting is still up for this month before it starts all over again for January.

Speaking of which, i had a flash of inspiration for the next month's challenge which is to use cardstock only. I never do CS only LO's as i have to have my PP on there. But i was inspired and got snippy with my scissors. No sneak peak yet.

Anyway, off to food shop soon, arh, i forsee a nightmare.

see you soon


Monday 22 December 2008

Christmas Fire place screen

I thought id remind you of the screen i made last year for my fire place as i just noticed it featured in the christmas section on the UKS Homepage.

This screen was a labour of love/hate as it took me ages to cut all the doors and decorate etc.

You can find the full instructions on how to make it here if you scroll down to the bottom of the link.

Off to watch qvc craft day now

Saturday 20 December 2008

Birdie garland

I have another class for Caroline craftz forumz. THis one is a christmas garland made from stars and birdies. You can find all the instructions here.

I used the tempate that came with the kit to make some cute little paper robins. I then deocrated chipbiard birds, stars, slide mounts etc that where also in the kit with the fancy blingy PP in the kit beofre wiring it to a green tree garland on my fire place.

Here are a few pics for you but plenty more over on the site.

Bye for now

Friday 19 December 2008

Mini tree album

I have another class for Carolinez craftz get ready for christmas crop. I made a cute little 'tree album' from the left overs from the pink kit.

You can find all the instructions here.

Here are a few pictures for you.

i made this for my aunty in Widnes, Cheshire who doesnt get to see the boys much now we are in Scotland. I hope she likes it.

Oh and here are a few pics of our non traditional coloured tree. I still think it looks very traditional thought, lol

Thats it for now

Thursday 18 December 2008

Christmas planner/jornal keepsake

I have finally managed to complete a class for Caroline using one of her gorgeous new christmas kits. You can find the full set of instructions here.

I made a little paper bag book that i have been using already as a planner and journal and i have left lots of space for stories, ethemera and photo's that i will gather over the festive period.

I used one of the pockets as i storage slot for all the christmas recipe's that i have printed off the interent. I am gonna Nigella our christmas lunch again this year, already working on a cranberry glaze for the turkey and definatly NEED and i mean NEED to make the girdle busting chocolate pie, Mmmmm, very yum.

Anyway here are a few pics of the paper bag book but plenty more on the instruction page on Carolinez

I have another little book on the go with the left overs from this kit

Bye for now

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Its finally over

After weeks of essay prep and completion followed by weeks of revision and the dreaded exams on wed, thurs and friday, college is finally over for this session and i can begin to live again.

I have spent all my time since my last exam on friday trying to catch up with my poor neglected family, do some cleaning, some crafting and christmas shopping.

I also had a mad dash to complete the LO's and cards for the next round of Scrapbook Apprentice just incase i make it to the next round. I loved both my Lo's this time and didnt have a favourite. I tried new things, made them a bit different than my usual style etc. I even had a flash of inspiration for the cards as well. I just loved the new Papermania papers that we got to play with, so fresh and funky, my kind of PP's. In my mad dash i forgot to take pictures so no sneak peaks this time, arh.

Anyway, you can still vote for me if you like as the voting for this month is still open for another week. You can find it here

I have a little class coming up on Carolinez soon for a christmas planner/journal paperbag book which i will show you pictures of soon.

Be back soon

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Getting ready for xmas

I have been making a few decorations recently in readyness for the festive season. My latest project is a mirror inspired by Tim Holtz.

Fiona, from our crop, got her husband to get us all lots of Ikea mirrors whilst he was down that way recently. What must he have looked like with a trolley full of mirrors.

Anyway, i adapted sir tim's idea to suit my own colours and as i dont pocess any stamps to make my tiles or memory glass etc, i am quite pleased with the result.

I learnt the technique of mounting an image on to chipboard, and then embossing with ultra thick many times from our scrap attack weekend with Dyan Reavly from art from the heart and blonde moments.

I embellished with a few small grungy board bits, metal frames and buttons. I added glitter to some of the plane pp tiles as well for added bling.

I had fun doing this and it only took the whole day cutting, glueing and embossing, lol

Dodgy photo's, I know. The camera didnt like the flective surface at all.

And just look at this to get you in the christmas spirit. What i nice surprise when i opened the door this morning to go to college.


Monday 1 December 2008

JYC 2008

As I previously mentioned, i finally finished my journal cover last night after weeks of stopping and starting.

I went for an american craft d ring album in craft and black which is 8 x 8. The loverly angela over at Angel Crafts specially ordered them in for me with super faster delivery thrown in as well.

I wanted to use my stash as times are hard. Whilst raking thru i noticed i had an unusual amount of pink which is strange as i have boys and only do BOM pages every now and again. So thats the colour i went for. I had some loverly pink paisley papers, again from angel crafts and mixed it up with creams, blues and whites.

I have mixed media pages in there as well, acetate from hambly, felt pages/pockets, Teressa Collins bracket covers and some little atc sized pocket pages that i snaffled from DS1.

Now i am all set to start my first prompt hopefully later this evening.

Be back soon


Scrapbook Apprentice Challenge 1

It's been a nervous wait for all of us 12 Candidates but now is the time for you to start deciding our fate!

A sample of one of our cards and LO's is up on the Creativity Life Magazine blog for you to see and make a vote determined by the one you like most. So pop on over and cast your vote. Please remember to make the system fair and only vote once and for the one you actually like and not who you know the most, IYKWIM, lol