Tuesday 25 December 2007

Christmas day at last

I have not blogged this week as i have had a hectic time getting ready for christmas in just a short time.

I had my final exam last friday on the 14th, then i was baby sitting little sarah whilst my parents where away. I used the time to make my christmas cards and make my lists for shopping and food etc. I then frantically spent last week putting up the decorations and getting the pressies.

I also managed a trip into Sandra's new shop in Banff. It is loverly and spacious and should be loverly for the crops. I got some great papers, the new blonde moments range and stamps. I also picked up some supplies for the bind it all as she stocks them and accessaries. I will be doing a few demonstrations on the 12th of january at the shop which i am both nervouse and excited about at the same time. I have some great ideas in my head that i need to turn into reality. I will be focusing on scrapbooking, card making and the bind it all.

I got some loverly prizes in the post recently. My prize from Rebecca's for the monthly challenge and my prize for the challenges on blog till you drop. They are both lush and i will post pictures when my camera works properly.

I also made an apperence in this month's Scrapbook inspiration reader's gallery. I had one in for new beginnings and one in for winter lo's. They looked great in there and i was so pleased as i have never been in the reader's gallery before.

Now onto Christmas. We had a great day today. Very relaxing and tranquil. The kids have been very well behaved and very pleased with the presents they got. I have lots of pictures to upload but camera is playing up, i think it needs a new battery. I got lots of money and i think i will spend it all on stash, lol. I got some acrylic paints and canvasses as well so cant wait to have ago on those.

Quick pic of our tree. It is not in the traditional colours but we love it.

Bye for now

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Two down, one to go.......

i have had exams over the last two days. I have spent weeks worrying about them and they are finally done. The first one was Environmental Conservation which i felt went great. I did need the extra time allocated to me for my dyslexia which was handy for checking over. The second was principles of permaculture. I have mixed feelings about this one. 1 question i felt went great but the second i felt i woffled on a bit. I have the last one on friday, this is the one i am dreding the most.

Just waiting on one more essay result and then i have them all. I have done really well in these essays. I am not sure if its because i have given up work and gone full time or the fact that i have discussed my dyslexia with counsellors and am getting a bit of support. Probably a combination of both.

I will leave you with a LO i did for UKS weekly challenge. It is of my gorgeus Old Shih Tzu Clause. I got him 11 years ago as a christmas from my husband the year we bought our first house. He is feeling his age at the moment and i worry he does not have long left with us. So i am going to spoil him alot.

Of back to the books now.

By for now

Sunday 9 December 2007

Sunday 9th December

Where do i begin. Its the day before my first exam and i feel i know nothing. Hopefully the pressure of the exam and seing the question in front of me will kick start some thinking from me! I cant concentrate with the kids around so i will do a bit of revision tonight and tomorrow morning ready for the xam in the afternoon.

Some good news..... I got an email saying i had been chosen as guest DT member for the month of November for Make the moment last, on online craft shop. I am so pleased and look forward to the opertunity to play with some of their stash and come up with something unique in my style.

We had a massive family wood chopping session yesterday in readyness for christmas and winter. Keith was on the ex pallet cutting up and i was kindling chopping. Alex helped me bag up the sticks whilst Dan helped keith pile up the large wood chunks. It was a freezing day but it felt great when we had piled it all up and restocked the living room.

Here are a few pictures

If you are wondering what the swimming goggles are for, the boys reckoned they were getting saw dust in their eyes, lol

That's it for today as i am off to hibernate in front of the coal fire and watch a bit of catch up lost on dvd.

Bye for now

Tuesday 4 December 2007

Exam blues...........

I had a revision session today for maths and experimental design. It was awful. I have no idea what i am suppossed to be doing even thought i was fine all the way thru the semester. The lecturer reackons we should be able to tell just by looking at the question which experimental test to perform, i dont think so. I then had a studies skills lession to show me how to draw mind maps to aid my revision and it is not going to help me at this late stage. I have to much on my mind to try and concentrate on learning something new.

I have come and cryed again. I am so stressed and fed up. The house was freezing as the heating is not set to come on till 4. I had to clean the coal fire out and chop sticks to light it. Alex needed help with his home work and DH forgot to take out mince yesterday from freezer when i asked him so now i have to cook from scratch.

So frustrated. Got my timetable today and i have an extra half hour put on my exams because of the dyslexia. I am mixed minds about it. Will it be a good thing or a bad thing. What if the exam is going bad, di i wont to sit there stewing for longer or equally if it is going bad the extra time may allow me to sort it out.

It is day for of my journal and i have not put pen to paper. I knew i wouldnt if i am honest with myself. I will just have to catch up on the 15th, lol

It is so cold here. I am a winter kinder girl, i love the cold, frost and snow but combined with the wind and rain that we are experiencing, i just wont to hide away.

Thats my loney cry over.

I got my first secret santa present today. I was some loverly felt flowers. Oh how i love flowers. I have a little inkling into who it is but i will wait for the big surprise at the end.

Off to revise again

Monday 3 December 2007

Lush flowers

As promised, here are some pictures of the lush flowers i won for the minthly challenge over at UKS. There are so many of them, more than i need, lol, but i wont say no.

Off to make myself a revision timetable and work out the best way to revise.

see you later

Sunday 2 December 2007

December 2nd.................

I have decided to make a blog post each day during december. This will help me with my paper christmas journal just in case i cant find the physical time to complete it. I did start my manofesto page outlining why i am doing the journal. Today has not been good as emotions are running high due to grandads illness and being in hospital, exams looming and lack of any funds to buy christmas presents.

I actually finished a weekly challenge for uks today. I went thru a stage of not doing these weekly challenges but this month i have made the effort and have completed 3 out of 4.

This weeks was to use an album cover for inspiration, Use a film title as a title on the LO, use red and black and include an element from a pack of cards. I made my red background using red, orange, black and white acrylic paint applied using a baby wipe and blended in a swiping manner. The round photo is one i have used before that i made digitally.

Here is the album i used for inspiration.

I did a DLO for my circle journal as well this evening. I love doing the circle as i get to scrap subjects that i would not normally do.

I finally got all my essays finished and emailed of to my lecturers, so i have a week and a half of revision before the exams.

On the first day of Christmas..............the scrapfairies brought to me..............

I got a little package in the post today. It was my prize for winning the house monthly challenge over on UKS with my natural love LO. The package contained a vast selection of various sized and colured prima flowers. I obsolutely love prima flowers and put them on everything, even my LO's of the boys and Keith. This was such a great prize and i cant wait to put them in use, lol. Thank you scrapfairies. I took loads of pictures so will update this post later.

I shall be dropping of the face of the earth for the next two weeks as i am revising for my uni exams all next week. The craft stuff is getting locked in the craft room and keith can hide the key.

I have just spent 2 hours adding a juke box to the blog filled with my eclectic taste, so i hope you like it.

Spent ages last night filling the kids advent calendars up with sweets. I went mad and put a whole tin of quality streets between the two calendars. I feel guilty that they are not going to be as spoilt as they usually are now that i am not working so over compensated i think!!!!

Its also time to start filling in that christmas journal. I have my crop tomorrow so shall make a start there.

Off to bed now as its very late.