Sunday 28 September 2008

52 ways to look after yourself, challenge 5

The sound wave

This week i want you to indulge your soul with some music. Take a trip to a music store and pick up a new CD or rummage thru your CD pile and find a good old faithful that you just love to go back to listen too time and time again.

Get swept away in the music. Turn up that stereo: there are just some songs that deserve to be played at full volume.

Once you get started, keep picking out some of your favourite songs and just sing your heart out or quietly remember what you where doing when you fell in love with that song.

For your LO this week you can do a number of things. Make a list of some of your favourite songs. Or be more specific and tell a story about those songs that make you happy in 2008. Another option is too pick your favourite song and make your LO to tell the story of why its your favourite.

So here is my LO for this week.

I got all arty with this one and used basic grey paper with tissue paper, acrylic paint and some sort of attempt at doodling.

And this week i am adding a little ribbon bundle to the prize box.

Cant wait to see what you come up with this time. As allways pop on over to carolinez craftz to post your LO's.

Happy listening


Monday 22 September 2008

I have been so impressed with Ladybirds beautiful matchbox advent calendars over the last few months, that i decided to have ago.

These calendars are based on a class by Tracie Hudson over on Bubblyfunk craft website.

I spent the day painting all the little boxes on saturday and then put it all together at my crop yesterday. I went for non christmas colours of brown, blue and gold as i wanted it to match my living room and my deccy's are those colours as well. This little box is for me this time.

I asked the boys if they wanted one last week when i showed them the instructions but they said no, looked to girly. But oh now, low and behold, they both want one each. DH has asked for one for his mum as well. I said as long as he goes and does the shopping for all those matchboxes, then fine, lol.

I might try the swann vesta ones next time which are the next size up and then the really big boxes as well. We will have a family of them on the fireplace, lol

Bye for now


52 ways to look after yourself, challenge 4

So here is this weeks challenge, celebrating another of my favourite past times, reading.

Take it literarily

For this weeks challenge I would like you to indulge yourself in some reading. Go to your favourite book shop, the kind that has nice cosy couches and a coffee shop, your local dusty old unusual book shop or your local library.
Spend a few hours in the craft section, wonder around the cooking section, and dream in the soppy romantic section.

Review old favourites or discover some authors. Maybe pick a book that really wants you to read more and go ahead and buy it. If budget is an issue, take a note and look in your local charity shops or ask the library if they can get it in for you.

Whilst you are whiling away your time at the book shop, think about all your favourite books/authors. Make a list.
So for this week’s LO, either take some pictures whilst at the shop or a picture of you reading that favourite book. Try and include that list of favourite books/authors somewhere on the page.

Happy reading

Here is my LO. Its me reading the latest Rebus book by Ian Rankin, one of my favourite authors.

And this weeks prize to be added to the box is a packet of primary coloured flower brads.

So its still not to late to catch up and join in. The prize box gets bigger and bigger.

Bye for now


Sunday 14 September 2008

Scrap attack projects

I have finished a few projects this weekend. I so loved making this little accordian book using the fab 7 gypsies Hudson Valley papers that i started making another one straight away.

Here is the one i did at the class with Dyan and the one i made in a wedding theme for my friend who got married last month. I added additional & gypsies papers in reds and browns to give it a more warmer romantic feel.

I also finished my technique mirror but waiting for DH to put some string on the back before i photo it. I also finished my ATC box and my smile mobile but will upload later in the week.

I am loving my mini books at the moment, lol


52 ways to look after yourself challenge 3

So here is this weeks challenge. I am so loving these challenges as i am really getting looked after for once.

So here is challenge 3: Paint the town

This week i would like you to spend some time with a loved one, be it husband, partner, Best friend, someone who means alot to you.

Every now and again its good to blow the budget and liberate a few pounds for a splurge. So make a date with a loved one.

Start with maybe a trip out for the day, do a bit of clothe shopping for the date. As for the date, get all dressed up and head out for a night on the town. Start with a trip to the cinema or to see a band and carry on for a nice meal out.

Once home sit all cosy on the couch and chat about nothing whilst watching your fav tv shows until late.

Now for those who have a budget, send the kids away if you can or put them to bed earlyish. Get a take away but lay the table all fancy. Chill out with some nice wine.

The aim of this challenge is to take time out together, chat, relax and have some peace and quite. Its up to you what you do for your date.


Here is my LO. We ditched the kids and hit the movies and a meal and had a great night out.

And here is a little something that is going into the box this week. I just love these 7 gypsies Hudson Valley Card stock pages in 8 x 8, perfect for the album from week 1.

So its not too late to join in the challenge. Head on over to Carolinez Craftze forumz to join in.

Until next week when i will be back with another challenge.


Monday 8 September 2008

Scrap Attack 2008

Well i am absolutely shattered as we have just had our big crafting event. As regular readers will know, i am part of a local craft group called Aberdeen craft group. We meet up every fortnight in sandra's shop, Crafter's Haven, Banff for our crop and a right good time is had by all.

Now ACG are lucky in that we have been able to invite Dyan reavely of Blonde Moments to come and teach for us. This is the second time she has made the time to Travel hundreds of miles to teach us and we really appreciate it.

The weekend was a hige success and everbody attending had a great time. The 6 lessons where put together carefully and nobody from the beginner to the advance was left behind or sat twindling thumbs.

The food prepared by the girls was outstanding and Sandra did a fantstic job of keeping us fed and watered, lol

and Dyans Shop, what can i say.....outstanding. A great mix of Blonde moments individual stuff, rangers, Tim holtze, 7 gypsies, Basic Grey, maya road, the list goes on.

Here are a few pics but i will embedd the rest in the right hand side.

Here are my shopping stash pics. I didnt get all i wanted as alot sold out, i nearly got squashed in the stampede, lol

And i won the ATC challenge which i was pleased about as i used all the paint techniques we learnt last year to make my backgrounds. I also one a prize in the raffle as well, so an all round perfect day to a perfect weekend.

And here is the good news. Dyan had such a good time that she agreed to come back to us again next year for our third event. The date is still to be confirmed but it is likely to be the 5th and 6th September 2009.

The cost will be around the same price as this year of £200 but is subject to a slight increase. But if you book and pay your £50 deposit before the end of October you will receive a £10 discount of the cost of the package. To book either email me or click on the Crafter's Haven link on the right hand side to find all Sandra's details.

Why not take advantage of the years notice and start saving now. Sandra is more than happy to take payment in installments and operate a savings club.

That's all for now



Challenge 2

Its slightly late as i was too busy enjoying myself at our fantastic craft weekend featuring Dyan Reavely, but that's a whole other huge post to follow, lol

So here is challenge 2.

This week is all about food for thought. When in doubt, eat cake. Why not take a trip to your favourite bakers or walk to the cake section in the local supermarket instead of taking the alternative route past it like I do!.

Splurge on a fancy fruit tart, go for a full fat triple whipped cream sticky bun or a very fattening double chocolate fudge cake.

Its up to you what you buy as your treat but take a picture of it before you take time to indulge. Create a LO of your chosen cake and describe why its your favourite, and how it feels to take time to eat your treat. Be as bold as you want.

Here is my LO. As you may know I don’t eat chocolate as it causes huge migraines but every now and then I will indulge in a special chocolate cake and blow the headache. I just couldn’t resist buying these little home bakes when I spotted then in a trendy cafĂ© window.

And here is a picture of the prize that will be added to the box this week. A gorgous little & gypsies matchbook kit, so cute.

I hope you can join in soon. Head over to the forum to see all the rules and info.

Happy eating


Friday 5 September 2008

New September Kit

Its that time again for Caroline to launch her new monthly kit. This months is a bumper edition at a really great price. You can see it here.. There are some cute boy coloured mini kits as well that i feel shall be falling into my shopping basket soon as well, lol, you can see them here as well.

so here is what i did with the bits of the kit i had. Its very summery which is what we need in this rain.

i also made a mini book from 1 sheet of 12 x 12 as well which turns into a accordian book. This is an idea i adapted from a project in the scarlett lime kit newsletter.

That's it for now as i have loads to do for the 52 ways to look after yourself challenge and ribbon oasis stuff plus getting ready for the big crafting weekend tomorrow.

Bye for now