Friday 31 August 2007

I am so angry

I have just spent many PM's backwards and forwards to the loverly Mary Ann over at UKS. Some narrow minded person had made a complaint about our thread advertising our big scrap attack event. They listed that we where making a profit from this event and in those circumstances we should be removed from advertising our event in the non profit crop section. I understand Mary Ann's position regarding the rules and i thank her for helping me get the post back up and running.

My issues regarding this are that we are not making any profit from this event. We are Aberdeenshire Craft Group, a bunch of craft minded ladies who are interested in trying new things and introducing these new ideas to the area. The area is very limited in supplies and i personally only have one good craft shop for me to purchase stash from. The price we have charged people to attend covers the hotel hire and the teachers time and kit only. We are lucky to have the scrapbooking superstar Dyan from Blonde moments but only because we have worked hard to get a professional to travel this far north. We as a group have provided many extra's out of our own pockets and Sandra most certainly will cover any shortfalls her self.

I am just annoyed that people have nothing better to do than try and ruin our event before it has even taken place. We are not a business and should be congratualed in my opinion on trying to bring things to the area. If you dont like what we are doing, then stay away, keep it to yourself and let us enjoy our time. Sorry if this upsets anyone but it is so unfair when people but you down for trying your best.

On a positive note, i have finished my new Masterchef entry. I struggled with this as we could only use cardstock, inks, paint, stamps and basic tools. But i am quite pleased with the out come. The LO represents a then and now glimpse of Alex's life.

I am off to finish a LO i started using the loverly sketch from beverley over at the crop till you drop blog. Will be back later when it is finished. I also need to back an over night bag for the big event tomorrow, Yeh

Sunday 26 August 2007


Yeh I did it, i got thru to another round on Masterchef over on Carolinez Craftz. I like this round as i could use any supplies and tools i wanted. The only stipulation was it had to be a non human/ animal LO.

Here is my entry

The next round is to complete a LO made entirely of plain cardstock. I am a self confessed patterned paper queen and dont do plain cardstock. I need ideas.

Thanks me away to bed now

Aug week 4 challenge

Today i went to my crop. I did not plan much as we had things to discuss. But i did finish this weeks challenge. It was quite nice to do a non human LO for a change.

The challenge this week was to create a LO using

1. Winnie the pooh (10pts)
2. something honey coloured (5Pts)
3. Something beginning with b (5pts)
4. Scraps (5pts)

My Lo is about my 9 year old son and his beloved pillow. He will not part from it. He has to have it for bed each night. It even travels on holiday with us. It is tatty and dirty and has to be prised from him physically to go in the wash.

I used honey coloured paper (the scan does it no justice). The theme is the pooh pillow. I have embellished with bittons and bees and the check paper is a scrap.

I had real trouble scanning this because of the buttons. The scan has washed out the loverly honey colour.

week 5 august team challenge-UKS

This week we were asked to set the challenge for the weekly team challenge. I was really nervous about doing this as i have only been on the team for a few months now. But the team have made me very welcome and offered lots of encouragement. Our challenge was to use
1. A beatles title
2. Use white paint
3. Use gold or silver
4. Use feathers
5. Have an angel/devil theme.

My LO turned into a double LO as Alex wanted one about him as well as Daniel. I had fun making the wings with paint and got an unexpected crackel glaze effect which i felt looked really nice on the LO. I printed the wing image on to printable acetate and painted directly over the printed side quickly and carefully. I then heated with the hairdryer on the highest setting and it started to crack.

Here is my first LO of Daniel-My angel

Here is the other half of Alex-My angel in discuise

Thats me definatly off now
Take care

My craftroom-my perfect space

A few months again i showed you the picture of my new craftroom. well I finally got around to making a LO of it which i plan to frame for, you guessed it, my new room. I entered a competition over on UKS. I wont win as things like that dont happen to me and the standard was so high. There were some exceptional LO's on there. Here is my attempt.

I finally finished my project for the goody bags at our event next week. I know i have said this lots lately but it is now finished properly and fully adorned with embellishments. I am dyin g for you to see it but you will have to wait till next week when i get them back. I also spent yesterday putting the kits together so really pleased with them. I may look into putting some kits together for selling at the local craft fair.

Of to get ready for my crop. I am hoping to hear some good news there that may be very benificial to my future plans.

Take care

Friday 24 August 2007

A bit sad

Today is my last day at work. I resigned my position in order to take up a full time post at university. I feel a bit sad as i will miss some great friendships i have made over the last 4 years.

But on the plus side having been studying part time for 2 years, i know what to expect and am looking forward to my next 3 years as a grungy student. I have some loverly flowers and i will take a picture later.

Craft wise i have signed up for some challenges and swaps on UKS so have been dabbling with that. I will complete my circle journal LO's this weekend at the crop. I have also been making little mini mini books. They are just over an inch in size. Will post a pic when i have a completed one done. I have also sighned up for a calender swop so shall have a go at that this weekend.

I think a shopping trip out for some supplies is in order.

bye for now

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Circle Journal

I have decides to sign up for a circle journal. I think it will be a great way to tackle subjects that i may not have done before hand and i get to see other peoples styles and techniques along the way.

I have spent a few days putting my journal together as i know i want have time next week when i am back at work doing my last week. The week after will be enrolment at university and the weekend after that will be scrapattack. so i best get it down now whilst it is quiet.

Here is my front cover

Here is my welcome page

Here is my rules page

Here is my sign in page and inside back cover which is also a sign in page

and finally the back cover

I shall be starting the LO's on friday as i cant wait to get started.

Bye for now


Whilst i remember i am thru to another round of Masterchef. Caroline and the sprinkles girls are running a competition for a new design team member over at sprinkles. It is a knock out type of competition with each round being voted on by the public and members of the forum.

Here is the qualifying round entry

The main photo was made digitally and all the writting is very personal to me. It makes for deep reading if you every get the chance

Here is my entry for round 1, which also got me thru to the next round. The challenge was to use only cardstock and ribbons, nothing else

Here is my entry for round 2, which also got me thru to the next round. The challenge was to use a 12 x 12 piece of card stock, 3 x 1/2 sheets of patterned paper, a large bllom, 2 x 12" lengths of ribbon, 3 x buttons and a slide mount. Basic tools and printer where allowed.

The next round has been set. We can use anything we like but the subject has to be non human or animal. I am finding this hard as i only scrap me, the boys or clause.

The competition is getting tougth as there are some really talented girls entering. But the voting system is disheartening sometimes and we have to rely on the honestly of voting being done fairly and hopeing excess family members dont just sign up in order to put somebody thru to the next round, or it becomes a popilarity contest and not a talent competition, (thats me done with the sour grape moaning, LOL)

Fingers crossed i come up with something good enough for the next round.

Will keep you up to date.


Busy old time

I have not been blogging lately as i have so many projects on the go. Firstly i have been helping Sandra out with the PR and publicity for our huge scrapbooking event.

I have been making a few projects for the goody bags and i have a few more things to go in as well once they arrive. I have also been completing my pre event challenges and have had great fun doing that. They were

1. A summer LO featuring sandpaper/ sanding, buttons and ribbons and must include the word summer.

2. A name badge

3. A autume inspired card featuring leaves, and something gold.

4. As our event is being taught by Dyan from Blonde Moments the last challenge was to make something inspired by blonde moments, be it a technique, a style or colour.

I had fun doing this challenges and will let you see once the event is over.

I have been doing lots of team challenges over at UKS. Here are a few

I have also done a sketch challenge. This was quite hard as i always make my own sketch and found it hard to follow somebody elses design. But i enjoyed doing this and was pleased with the results. The sketch was curtesy of Paula from the spoonful of sprinkles blog, go check it out.

That me away to tidy my craftroom

Bye for now