Tuesday 9 October 2007

Its been a lean few blogging days!!

I have not been around much as its essay time at college. The essays were supposed to be spread out but i have a 2000 word essay due 25th October, 2000 word essay due 1st November and 2500 essay due on 3rd November. I also have the kids off school for half term for two weeks so expect to get very little studying done. But hay ho thats life

It's UKS 5th Birthday and they are having cyber crops for the next 3 weekends. There are some gorgeus classes on there and the challenges are great as well. I cropped all weekend as well as my own crop in Macduff. It was a treat for working non stop on wednesday and friday on my essays.

I took part in the Box of memories and the birthday book class. I did the magpie moments challenge last night as well. There are a couple of classes i am waiting to do and i got the kit for making an acrylic album. Cant wait. This is my first proper Cyber crop, can you tell, lol

Here are a few pics

Not got around to uploading the magpie LO yet but i will.

Thanks for looking as usual