Wednesday 22 December 2010

Crafty round up.

So crafting time is of a premium at the moment so its a bit here and a bit there so projects are few and far between. Here is a round up of what i have done over recent weeks.

First my bubbly project from today. Its a keepsake tree ornament for Rebecca to match the boys decorations.

You can find all the info on how to make it HERE.

Then being snowed in and unable to get out to buy Christmas cards, i decided to make some for the first time in about 5 years. They are very simple this time.

Next i got cracking on something for Jacqui at simply create. My first ever LO of the babe.

And finally, i have made a headband for the babe. I always said i wouldn't put a silly headband or bow on my baby if i had a girl but i have been swayed, they just look so cute. I bought 6 different coloured bands for £1 and customised each one with a flower or embellishment. This one is actually a crocheted doily that has been turned into a fluffy flower.

Cant wait to put the one i made to match her Christmas outfit on her, lol.

Speaking of outfits, look what daddy bought her, a Christmas pudding suit!!!

Have a happy Christmas



Wednesday 8 December 2010

Christmas Screen

This week i made a Christmas screen for my fireplace for my bubbly scrumptious post. This was to be a group project at our crop based an another Lin Brown from LB crafts projects (Oct 28th)but we became snowed in again and i was uneasy about driving for the babe in my mums new car so we cryed off. So my screen sort of grew its own legs and off it went, lol. It resembles nothing of the original now.

You can find all the info HERE for my screen.

And some pics

I love how it turned out as well.



Friday 3 December 2010

Bits and bobs

So the boys had another snow day yesterday so spent it digging out the drive with Keith. This was how deep the snow was on the drive

And underneath this lot, somewhere is Keith's car, lol

The day before we had to walk down to the village to get water for Rebecca as we are on well water which is not suitable for babies so we get mains water from the village hall for her. The walk was beautiful, like a christmas card. But it took 2 hours and it was the first time i have left the house since the birth and looking back now, and feeling the twinges, i maybe shouldnt have gone, lol

And the plough managed to get up again yesterday and the postman made it up as a result. He brought with him my graze box for the week. Yum.

If you fancy one of these your self, head on over to graze and quote this code
HDM5LBW where you will get a free box and your second for just £1.75.

They come in cute little boxes that have caught my crafty eye. I am sure i can alter it into something crafty. Is that a challenge Erika, who pointed me in the direction of graze and i am sure has a fair few empty graze boxes now, lol

Anyway, off for a warm as the heating is on the blink, typical in all this snow.



Wednesday 1 December 2010

Playing with Maya Road Mists

So this week for bubbly i made Rebecca her first christmas album, ready for all those embarrissing novelty suits her daddy has been buying her!!!!.

You can find all the info here.

Some pics