Monday 30 June 2008

Ribbon Oasis

I am so excited. The first lot of projects from the new design team are about to go live in the next few days. I am a bit nervous as not really sure what the other members will come up with or what the customers are expecting. But i decided to stick to what i am best at, LO's with ribbon embellishments and mini books, lol

Here are a few sneak peaks i will show you until i can post the rest. Be sure to check out Ribbon Oasis to see the rest of the team and their lush stock.

Thats all you are getting for now.

Oh and double excitment. My sponsorship for UKS is nearly thru so i can make the big announcement about our upcoming event soon featuring the fabalous Dyan Reavely, yay

Be back soon

Monday 23 June 2008

Another BIA project

I was blog hoping this morning and came across a site with video tutorials. I cant remember the site as i hopped so many but i will try and find it again and post a link.

Edited to say I found the blog

and she has U tube video tutorials as well here

Well i loved what i saw so much that i just had to make some of the mini books. I used mum's costco papers to make this as they are double sided. This little book m=was made with just 2 pieces of 12 x 12 and a piece of A4 card for tags. I adapted the one i saw to make each page a pocket for tags.

And after i punched it all i realised i didnt have the right size BIA wire so i tied it all together with various ribbons because i was so impatient.

I embellished with ribbon, buttons, brads and diamond glaze on the swirly front cover.

As these are so simple to make i will be making some more pretty soon.

That's it for now


Friday 20 June 2008

Some crafty things i have been up too recently

I have been a bit lean on the craft projects since Holland as i seem to have lost my mojo. I am really struggling to come up with any ideas and am just pushing paper around the table. I am agonising over LO's and spending days just looking at stuff.

Anyway, i gave my self the day to spend SBing and it actually worked. I tipped out LO after LO and it felt really good to see them all lined up in a row. I cant show you them yet as most of them are for DT work but here is a sneek peak.

And here is one i can show you.

This was made for a combination of challenges. I used it for elsie challenge which was to scraplift a design element. I lifted the idea of the 3 pictures in a row from Jayne over at Carolinez Craftz forumz. I also added lace for my page prompt challenge.

Another project was my BIA 123 swap hosted by Iana. I made a bi hinged project which had to include stamping, homemade elements and intereactive elements.

I have teachers present to start and SAG projects to finish so hopefully will be back soon with na new and improved mojo.


Over due post

I havent blogged for a while for a number of reasons. I have been busy with little projects with the boys school which included gardening with the eco schools group. I donated lots of strawberry plants, rhurbarb and herbs. All things that they can grow and aactually use in their school canteen. We had a tidy up and the group of pupils i had where really well behaved and a credit.

Next it was sports day at school. Both mine are not very competitive but really enjoy sports, whixh is what it is all about. The day was dry but very cloudy and very very cold.

I have been baking for the upcoming school fete. I dont usually bake but decided to have a play. I made walnut chocolate brownies and apple blondies.

We recently had visitors up here in cold scotland. My uncle dave and his partner patsie came to stay at my parents. Dave is my dad's older, milder brother and a different kettle of fish than my dad, lol

We all went out for a day drip to the Black isle near inverness. It was a strange day weather wise as i think we experienced them all except snow! We ended up at shin Falls which is a loverly place, There is even a harrods shop. We had a picknic planned but it was raining so hard that we had to take cover under the BBQ area.

And lastly but most importantly, i have my second year uni exam results back. I worked really hard for this but was really stressing over that disastrous risk exam. Well it turned out ok it seems. I got an A for microbiology, B for marine biology, B for scientific investigation 2 and a B for interpretating risk. I am so pleased and can now look forward to my 3rd year.

Thanks it for now

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Page prompt swap challenge

The prompt last week was to use paint. And seeing as this was actually my prompt i thought i had better catch up and actually do the lO, lol.

The LO was made using lots of tips from CD's class at SAG. The large painted background is actually acetate painted in a haphazard way. That way if you dont like it you can wash it off and start again and not ruin a piece of PP. Before painting on the acetate, stick your words down. we used love elsie card stock stickers here as they are good quality thickness and can be reused many times. Let the paint dry and peel of the stickers for a cool effect.

The coloured strips are actually masking tape painted with water colour paints to match the LO. Circles along the edges are circles painted on watercolour card with paints and just cut in half for journalling cards.

The bottom decorative edge is made by cutting with edged scissors and folding twice to make a fringe. I then added a scrap off cut from yesterdays paper tearing LO to highlight the edge.

It looks very effective with very little spent.


Tuesday 10 June 2008

An actual LO....

It seems to be ages since i actually did a LO. I made this with the pizza box stash i got from SAG. This was a room filled with stash, some new, some old. You got to fill a pizza box (not a deep pan, more a thin and crispy pizza)for the price of 25 euros. Me and mum shared the box between us so it didnt seem so expensive.

I picked loads of stuff that i knew i would use on my mini books, BIA projects and boy LO's, so was really pleased with what we got.

Here is a LO using some of the stash, Rusty Pickel paper, coaster arrows, alphabet stencils, buttons, enamel stars. The only new thing was the journaling star.

I made this for my page prompt swap challenge which was to incorporate paper tearing. I also combined it with my elsie challenge which was to scraplift a colour scheme. I actually loved elsies 4 years LO from challenge 6 which used the pale blues and greens.

I know its a very busy LO but i think it works with the B & W picture.



Just look at this lushness

Whilst i was away, i received a package from Ribbon Oasis. It was just jam packed with lush ribbons all in the B & W scheme, my favourite. It included one of their new ribbon storage cards which are so easy to use and i will certainly be getting some of those soon. I have the perfect place for DH to built me a rail for them to hand on.

Here are some pics

I have started customising a project from SAG to suit my own style which went perfectly with the ribbons.

Whilst i am here i might as well tell you about the event my crop are organising soon. We are a little crop up here, Aberdeen Craft Group which is now based at Crafters Haven. We are privalidged to have Dyan Reavely prepared to travel hundreds of miles to come and see us.

We had the gorgous Dyan, Mark and Ellie from art from the heart and designers of the funky Blonde moments paper range travel up from Harrogate with their van jam packed with goodies to entertain us for two stunning days.

Dyan is such a wonderful teacher, who puts you at your ease, and gently takes you step by step throughtout the whole creating process.

The format of the event will be the same as last year. It consists of 6 technique classes spread over the two days. You will be provided with all the material and just need to bring your own tools and adhesives.

The package will include tea and coffee throughout the day and cakes and home bakes plus lunch on both days. Dyan will bring with her a great collection of products from her shop including mini books, patterned paper, stamps, altered items. Take a look at the Blonde moments site for their collections and ideas and also the new web site, Art from the heart which is the webshop and Dyan's funky blog.

The whole weekend is a very enjoyable experience. Even if you dont fancy the blonde moments range, its the tips and techniques that you will learn that you will take away with you and use over and over again.

You can find more info on Sandra's blog and I will be back soon with some photo's from our attendees last year and hopefully an idea of the projects we will be doing soon. If you have any questions just email me as i am doing the online promoting for the group.


Monday 9 June 2008

I am back from scrap-a-ganza

Well i had a great time in Holland at SAG. I learnt loads of ideas and inspiration from all kinds of wonderful teachers. Just a shame that the whole event was not managed very well by scrapbook mate. For a large company i did really expect more.

My favourite was C D Muckosky who is just a loverly person and has such a fresh approach to scrapbooking. You can find her blog here to see what i mean. Once i have the instructions for the class i cant wait to put all her tips and ideas into action.

A few shots of the album track kit.

I loved the Rusty Pickle class by lance anderson. He is a very larger than life character. I had my eye on this class as i love the papers that can be coloured in or accented by a colour scheme. The papers are the popstar range which are just perfect for my boy LO's.

Here is the kit and a few of mums album as i couldnt start mine as i had a migraine in the class so just sat and people watched, lol. I also won one of lances prizes, i think i got the top prize, his design book. It is fab and i got it sighned as well.

My next favourite was the pretty in paint class by jen star. She is a loverly person with a gorgous new jersey accent, love it. We got to play with a embossed prima chipboard album and some loverly heritage feeling papers. We played with ranger paints, inks and the prima paintables plus dabbling with the prima build it stamp collection. I cant wait to finish this project as well.

There is alot of work still to be done on this but here are some of mum's pages and cover.

I also did the doodling for dummies class. I really want to be able to doodle. I love the idea of the LO we started and hopefully once i get to practice i will be confident in my doodling. We also got a cracking stencil to play with as well.

Here are the kit pics.

Next is the technique crazy class. I loved the techniques i learnt here. Embossing, using the h20's, water colour crayons, using spectrum ink pads and direct to paper inking. I cant wait to use these techniques on stamps and designs that are more suited to my style.

And lastly the Teressa Collins classes. It was just not possible to finish these classes in the hour sessions so hopefully in the next few weeks i will get to finish them properly.

Here are the pics

And now for the goody bag. It was a making memories travel bag aand i just love it. It came with a couple of mags and loads of papers and embellishments.

And now the shopping. I didnt go to made as i was worried about weight allowance. But most importantly i got my zutter round it all for my chipboard mini books.

That's it for now until i make a start on my projects

Take care