Sunday 31 August 2008

Culbin Forest

We decided to make a packed lunch and take ourselves off for a long walk with the boys and Koby yesterday. We ended up in Culbin Forest. We have never been here before but we certainly will come again. We followed the hill 99 route as it said it was a nice easy route for beginners. But oh boy was it hard, wyndy, up hill, down hill and all over the place. It didnt help that my newly washed trainers seemed to have shrunk in the washing machine.

Anyway, enough moaning, lol, The forest it's self was gorgous. All wide paths that were open and bright and lots to see. The boys were fascinated by all the fungi that we saw in many different shapes and colours. They have fungi identification walks here so hopefully we will get to go on one soon. The boys were looking for the smurf's and told funny smurf stories all the way round.

here are a few pics

There was a large look out tower about half way round but i didnt go up, i was looking after the dog!!! Keith took a few shots from the top.

I handed the camera over to Daniel as i was carrying the bags and the dog at one point and he took some nice pics of the forest itself.

We are really loving going out and about with the new pooch and seeing our local sites.

That's it for now as off to bath the boys and sort my college stuff out as i am out for the day tomorrow for a day of shopping with Keith tomorrow, a rare treat

X Sarah X

52 ways to look after yourself challenge 1

Well today is the launch of my challemge over at Carolinez Cratx forumz. Its very important to take time out each week and give yourself a little treat. So whay not combine this with your love of scrapbooking as well.

So here is the first challenge. The first challenge kicks right off with some little pampering of the hair. If you are able to this week, go and make an appointment at the hairdressers and get your hair done. Let a professional fuss over you and maybe go for a new look, get some bright new highlights or a new colour.

If you can’t make it to the hairdressers, give yourself a makeover. Treat your self to some deep intense conditioners or hot oils. Set your hair in curlers overnight, get the straightners out. Play around with the blow dryer and create a new do.
Whatever you do, make it a well and truly me occasion.

Once you are done, take a picture of your new look and create a LO that expresses how you feel in your new look.

Happy pampering

Here is my LO for the challenge. there is no greater feeling than on the day you have your hair done, at least until the next time you wash it and it never goes back the way it was.

Just a few rules to be in with a chance of winning the prize box. And remember i will add a little something each week so the box will be jam packed after 52 challenges. You have to register on carolinez craftz forum and you have to have completed all challenges set to win. If you join in, start your own thread to post your LO's. You can find all the details here

Hope to see you there. Happy pampering

X Sarah X

Wednesday 20 August 2008

A brand new challenge

52 ways to look after yourself challenge.

I have launched a new BOM challenge over at Carolinez Craft. Here is the blurb

" We at Carolinez Craftz understand how important it is to look after yourself so have decided to launch a book of me (BOM) challenge with a difference. We want you to take time out once a week and look after yourself.

So for the next 52 weeks we will set you a challenge that will not only encourage some "me time" but will get you trying things that you would never usually have indulged in or scrapped. We will also throw in some crafting techniques and sketches to keep you interested in the long haul.

Some examples of the type of thing you will do are seen here.

Born Free: Its Playtime. Unleash your true animal nature and go wild. Spin around in circles, climb a tree, swing in the park, wrestle with the dog. Let yourself go for once and dont give it a second thought of how silly you may look. Take the picture that represents this playtime and scrap it, include journalling that represents how you felt being free.

Delicious Memories: Pamper your soul by taking a trip down memory lane through your most delicious memories.

Look through your photos of your best holidays or favourite tourist spots that you have visited. Take a peek at warm family and friend moments. Relish in the sweetness of these memories and scrap them.

Does that sound interesting. If so, then pop along to the forum and register as a new member if you are not already a member or just click on the banner on the right hand side to take you direct to the thread.

But here is something else to vet your interest. Sarah will put together a box of goodies for someone to win at the end of the 52 weeks. Each week a new prize will be added to the box and a picture added to the forum for you to see the goodies"

I hope you can join me in this BOM with a difference.

X Sarah X

Scrapbook Inspiration

A little toot toot for myself as i dont usually do it.

I have had a commisioned piece published in SI. It was for the challenge you section. The challenge was to create a lo from scraps left on my messy desk.

It was fun to do and this is what i came up with

This is off Gemma, my future SIL. I hope she is not embarressed by seeing herself in print, lol

X Sarah X

I have won an award

Sharon, my fellow scottish crafter has gifted me with a blog award. Thank you Sharon, I love reading your blog. You can see Sharons blog here.

Joanne has also gifted me this award as well

So here are the rules

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog
2. Link the person you received the award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours
5. Leave a message on the girls blogs you have nominated

Here are my nominations.....

1. Jobee: I love Jo's photography and how she really appreciates the surrounding area we live in.

2. Laura: My fellow team mate on UKs. I love catching up with the things Laura is creating at the moment.

3. Lady bug: I just love this blog, so colourfull and makes me smile

4. Shirley June: Shirley's 365 blog in just so inspirational. I love to sit with a cuppa and look it over.

5. A piece of craft: I just love these mini book tutorials and videos. A inspirational blog

6. Rachel: I love Rachel's fresh funky scrapping style

7. Scrapbook crazy: I love this blog as it is jam packed with minibooks galore

X Sarah X

Our grand day out.

We decided to go out into the local area on saturday as it was the last weekend before the boys went back to school. Jobee shamed us into appreciating our surroundings with her own grand days out all over the place so off we travelled with the dog and his first adventure out as he is now fully jabbed and protected.

We started off at Banff for a bit of fresh air at Duff house. This is a beautiful old building and deserves plenty of pictures taking of it.

The boys then had a play on the park and watched a football tournament that was going on. Alex discovered his football club had a team out so we watched that as well, very pleasant.

We then drove to Port Soy as the sun come out. We walked aroung Loch Soy, its a tiny boating lake really with a grand name but its still very nice. Koby was not happy being on his lead but coped well, lol. Nearly dragged Alex into the lake at one point to get the baby ducks.

The boys then went on a great wooden obsticle course. They had fun timing themselves doing the course, with a little cheating. So i decided to have a go as well and with a lot of cheating and nearly ripping my boobs off when i fell of the top of the cargo net i beat both of their times, lol. Boy did my ample boobs ache later!!!

We walked into the Village of Port Soy then and down into the pretty harbour. Koby was doing well but stating to get tired. His little 12 week old legs where doing over time.

After our walk we had some lunch back at Loch Soy before heading a bit further along the coast to sandend beach. We love this beach as it is wide and very sandy with very little visitors. Also Keiths job at Glen Glassaugh Distillery sits right on the headland looking down onto the beach. So we had a tour of the distillary and keith explained what was where and where the new visitors centre is going etc before making our way to the beach.

Koby just loved the sand after a few exploritory sniffs. But his first love was the sea. He was straight in there when the boys went for a paddle. I was scared for him as at one point a huge wave took him away but he doggy paddled his way onto the beach and was back into the sea after a shake down, lol

and that was our grand day out. We had fun, got lots of exercise and spend very little as well. We will be doing this again soon.

X Sarah X