Sunday 28 November 2010

Let it snow, let it snow.....NOT

We have had a major dusting of snow in the last 3 days which has pretty much had us snowed in. I hate it when it blocks up the drive and we spend days digging out the car, but not this year, lol, i have a valid excuse. It just had a baby and have stitches, lol.

Here are some pics.

THe main road, above

This should be the drive

THe drive again, above.

Our cosy cottage, above


But the snow does make it all look pretty.

Imagine dragging a pram down that drive. DH is putting it on a sledge tomorrow, lol
And i doubt the boys will be going to school tomorrow as their buses wont make it up the hill!


Friday 26 November 2010

Playing with metal

So i managed to craft this week, even with a newborn. But it was a quick project and only took a few hours spread over a few days.

I made a frame from metal scraps. Its a gift for family back in Cheshire.

The frame looks better in real life but its so dark and gloomy up here in Scotland at the moment, coupled with the SNOW.



Tuesday 23 November 2010

Woolly balls

I stumbled across this site whilst looking for bunting inspiration.

These crochet christmas baubles or woolly balls look so cute. I may just have to get my mum to try and show me again the art of crochet.


Monday 15 November 2010

The bump has arrived

Well what can i say, what a week. The yellow bump turned out to be a pink bump.

Rebecca Ann Carrington was born on tuesday at 10.15am. She weighed a healthy 8lb 1oz and measures a tiny 17" in length. She has a massive mop of blonde hair and her daddies bright blue eyes and not my grey eyes.

She is a cutie, if i say so myself.

We are home and settling into a routine now. But i am shattered, i confess, lol.

Be back soon

Friday 5 November 2010

Christmas day 5

So this is the last of my Christmas projects and the second project we completed at the weekend retreat. Again this is another Lin Brown class and she has a full set of wonderful instructions for this project entitled "Tim Holtze tattered leaves".

So here is mine, again note te colour scheme as its a Christmas Wreath, lol

I love how the metal leaves turned out after a distressing session and being recoloured with alcohol inks then going thru the cuttlebug folders.

And this is my last blog post for a few days as the new edition is due anyday now so i will be busy, lol

Thursday 4 November 2010

Christmas day 4

So at the weekend me and a bunch of ladies from our craft group went on a retreat. We have hired this beautiful big house on 3 occasions now and it just gets better and better each time we go. I just love it and look forward to Fiona planning the next one, lol.

Look at the concentration

Mmmm gloves, such a good idea as now, 5 days later i still have black finger nails!

Decisions, decisions Bev

Fiona, the teacher

And relaxing at the end of day 1! Well deserved glass of bubbly for some, lol

So this time we decided we would be adventurus and make a big project or 2. We decided we would make a christmas arch inspired by the time arches, me, mum and Fiona got to make at the artsy crafts retreat run by Lin Brown and Leandra Finch back in March.

We had so much fun making them and i just cant wait to get a group photo of all the finished arches all lined up in a row.

But for now here is mine, photo oveload, lol. See the recurring colour theme again, blue & brown, is it becoming a signature.



Wednesday 3 November 2010

Day 3 of Christmas

Here are the last of my projects for Simply Create. First a couple of cards.

And lastly a hanging.

Off to start nesting, lol



Tuesday 2 November 2010

Oh christmas tree

So here is the second christmas post in as many days, lol

Its another project with my vintage christmas kit from simply create, Alford. Additionals to the kit, white ribbon and white pompom and styrefoam tree obviously.



Monday 1 November 2010

Its beginning to look alot like christmas.....

So today begins the first post that features Christmas as both my DT's have Christmas themes and the projects i made at my craft club retreat were both Christmas.

So today is the Vanilla Sugar reveal and i can finally show you my finished advent calendar. This was a real labour of love as it took me about 3 weeks just painting, gluing and decorating.

Here is the construction.

I began by adding bigger fronts to the match boxes, this means that the secret gift can be a touch bigger.

Next take a long piece of chipboard. Divide it into segments with smaller pieces of chipboard. Each compartment needs to be quite snug. The bottom row has 7 boxes. Repeat the process with each row. The next row has 6 boxes, the next has 5, the next has 4, the next has 2 and the last just 1 box. Once you have all your rows complete, start gluing them together to form your triangle shape.

Make long strips of plain chipboard again and add them to the sides of the frame. Fill in the little triangle gaps along the side edges. Once fully constructed, paint the frame and boxes black.

Next i added matts and patterned paper to the boxes and frame with the edges distressed with viva gold. I stamped all the draw fronts at the same time.

Here it is finally finished.

I love how it turned out and it was very therapeutic constructing it.