Thursday 30 July 2009

Arty match boxes and ATC's

I have been hosting a swap over on UKS which is just about to end.

Here are my two matchboxes and matching ATC's. I loved making this as i got all the paints out, stamps, gel medium etc and just got creative.

The first was wing themed

The second was nature themed

I will certainly be making these little works of art again

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Camping here we come

We are hoping to get away for a few days soon in the tent. We have had this tent for about 8 years and never used it.

The boys went out camping in the garden the other night and loved it.

Fingers crossed it stays dry and sunny. Hopefully that tornado wont work its way down from the isle of Lewis, lol.

And that;s it as we are out foraging for fruit. RAspberries and gooseberries are in full fruit so its picking time ready for jam making. The one thing i can "cook" well. I have been complimented on my raspberry jam, lol



Tuesday 28 July 2009

New Rusty Pickle lines

Have you seen these gorgeous new lines. They just look very lush and i hope some are in my chef kit when it arrives.

You can see them all in full on the Rusty Pickle Site but here is a little peak now.

I just love the hero one as it will be perfect for my boys and i just love making little halloween projects so i cant wait to get my hands on that one. I dont really go in for birthday themed projects butbyou never know when i see it in real life

That's all for now


Sunday 26 July 2009

Art from the heart-Queenie challenge

I decided to have a little play yesterday for Dyans Queenie challlenge.

I have been doing lots of mixed media projects ove the last few weeks, ATC's, Fat pages, Arty match boxes and a stamp challenge so i have lots of pieces of painted off cuts left that were just to nice to flow away.

So i gathered them all up, cut them into different sizes, added a few paint techniques ie colour blending, glimmer misting, masking, using sequin waste etc stamped a few swirly doos and butterflys on them and attached them to a board in a hap hazard way, lol

I added lisa's cutie pie queens before adding a few blings, butterflies and buttons.

I added a title "Queen of the craftroom" before adding a ribbon and hanging from the back of my craftroom door.

Here's how it turned out

Love the modern brightness mixed in with the vintage butterflys and queens.



Saturday 25 July 2009

Scrap schemes

There has been a new scheme posted over at scrap schemes so click on the linky of the right to go see it. I loved this one as its black and white and features butterflys, those butterflies again, lol

Here is my take on the challenge.

Go leave some love on the blog and check out all the other girls beautiful work.

Today is my anniversary and i am all alone, lol. The men folk ie keith (DH), my dad and dan and alex have gone fishing seeing as the sun decided to come out for a little while. Mind you there is a big black cloud heading thier way by the looks of it, lol

But the boys are off to my folks tonight so we are having a take away and a dvd, twilight. keith actually listened to my LARGE HINTS for once.

So i am going to hit the pigstye of a craft room (not to clean, no no no) but to play. Dyan from art from the heart has a little competition on her blog to use the queenie collection downloads from lisa's altered art and make a queen inspired project. So i am all printed and away i shall go. No idea what i am doing but hey ho, thats craft for you.

Catch yo later



Friday 24 July 2009

You have to watch this

I was sent this link by the loverly Sharon and i dont know what it was about the video but it made me cry. Such a happy vid.

See it here

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Its Fiskars time

I have a little project gone live over at Fiskarettes


The instructions for the bag are not there as they are 3 pages long so if you want them just leave me a message in the comments or send me an email and i will send them as an attachment.

Dont forget to leave some love over at Fiskarettes.



Tuesday 21 July 2009

A bit of sunshine so we hit the road

Today the rain stopped and the sun popped out so we donned shorts and T shirts and hit the road. We travelled towards Huntly, stopping for lunch before arriving at the forestry commission peregrine falcon centre.

Its FREE with a manned information centre and a wonderful enthusiastic guide (gibby) telling the boys all about the falcons and the pair they have at the site.

Its a loverly little place with nice walk ways up to the hide where there are binoculars and telescopes set out to find the birds.

And we found a chick sitting on a tree stump.

Arh blogger is not playing so i will come back and re edit tomorrow.



Monday 20 July 2009

The future is bright

So when i was cleaning my craft room after i trashed it for the race, lol, i organised my scraps and left overs, chipboard, unused papers etc into a RP box. Very organised for once. When i was done and the desk was clean and the tools in the tote, i heard the calling to make a LO.

So here is the result.

I actually painted out the blue sky from the background of this candyland paper. But the pattern come back thru the oorange to give some pleasant and unexpected results. I love it.

Just heard that i have a new chef kit coming next week with extra stash for me to give away to my blog readers as a RAK. Spreading some pickle love, lol



Tuesday 14 July 2009

Newsflash Newsflash Newsflash

OMG OMG OMG i cant believe it. I slipped into the rusty pickle sisterhood via the back door.

I am a Rusty Pickle Chef


We were given a second chance to become chef's by submitting our RP projects to magazines or e zines.

So after crying myself to sleep last night i got up and kicked myself up the backside and looked at the list of US mags before takling the UK ones. So i chose 2 and submitted and then went out for the day with the boys.

Came home to an email saying they wanted 3 so i was then eligatible for the Chef team.

I dont care how i got there but i am in, that's all that matter's.

Going for a lie down, emotionally exhausted, lol

Thanks for all those who have supported me along the way, greatly appreciated.


Fat page swap

So over the last 6 weeks me and my mum have been getting all arty and trying something new. We decided to sign up for a fat page swap, lol, as we had never done them before.

So here are mine

And here are mums (her blog is under hibernation, lol). You may notice there is one missing but that is the one or me as i wasnt allowed to take a picture and spoil the surprise.

And there you go. Certainly alot of fun to make.