Monday 29 June 2009

Rusty Pickle challenge 3

So here is clue 3

Every Scrapper Surely Knows
A special place your Memories should go
Memories from the Attic will surely remind you
Of all the Special things you do
Times with family fun and people you've met
Trips you gone on by flying in a jet
The happy memories along the way
Will Keep you smiling every day

Which led us to Memories from the attic

There the challenge was to create a DLO using the popstar range all about "your perfect day". The challenge was also to include an interactive element.

So the challenge didnt go as well for me as planned, Internet hitches, Printer malfuntion, LO malfunction ie DST riped one of my photo's when it got stuck to the LO by mistake. Oh the joys is all i can say.

So here they are

And thats all of it. Feel like i nedd to go for a power nap now, phew

Saturday 27 June 2009

Amazing race challenge two

So here is the clue.

Scrap a Page
Get A Point
Scrap Some more
and Max them out
Keeping a Tally as a Scrapper
is surely where it's at!

Which led us to Tally Scrapper to receive our instructions.

And the challenge for the next 3 days was to make a 8 x 8 album explaining why we want to be Rusty Pickle Chefs using the Mayflower paper range.

So i am working my thru that at the moment in between family commitments.

Head on over to Tally scrapper and leave some support if you fancy and as promised Rusty Pickle have been granting prizes for each challenge so be sure to leave a comment on the blog each time.

I will post pictures later tomorrow with the finished item

Edited: As promised, finished project

Thursday 25 June 2009

Rusty Pickle Amazing Race- Challenge 1

So as i said yesterday, RP race kicked off yesterday and boy do i feel like i have been thru the ringer already.

So here is the clue posted on the RP blog.

With a scrapbook page nearly finished, how do I embellish it?
Do I grab some bling maybe a button or two?
But wait a minute this page is on the computer
And the screen is oh so flat
What I would really like to know is
How do you embellish-online?

I have to confess that i cried when i saw the clue. What had i let myself in for, how was i supposed to find my way around US Scrap sites and forums.

BUt i calmed down and had a think and came up with embellish it, an online store.
Imagine my joy when i went to the site to find the announcement " welcome amazing racer's" woo hoo.

So we were greated with a sketch designed by Beckie and had to produce a double LO using the game time collection.

I sorted out what i wanted to use last night, printed my pics and arranged them all out before hitting the sack at gone 11. But i woke at 3, 4, 5, 6 before giving up at 7 and getting up.

I have worked away all morning and just photographed now.

So you can find all the challenge details here at Embellish-it

You can also all the racers LO's here in the gallery as well.

Off to upload now so i dont miss the deadline, only 5 hours early but i will just stew about my LO if i dont, lol

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Today is the day...........Rusty Pickle here i come

So at 12 noon Utah time, 7pm UK time the Rusty Pickle amazing race kicks off.

My box finally arrived at 5pm on Monday so i have had a day to unpack it and droooool over it before lovingly packing it all away ready for today.

I am a bit nervous of what each challenge/clue will bring but i am sure it will all be fine.

Hope my blog readers will play along with me as i will post the clues and forum links and of course my RP projects here.

Also if you follow the RP blog they will be giving away prizes thruout the next fortnight.

I will be back later with the first clue.

Sunday 21 June 2009

University results

Nothing crafty to report again, as i am keeping that craft room spotless. I even fired up the die cutting machine yesterday but promply turned it off. Arh, so wished i could use it properly.

Anyway, i just got my last bit of exam results and i am now really pleased. All that stress, sleepless nights, worry and hard work have paid off.

So here are the results for the year.

Research Management skills: A

Microbial Ecology: B

Environmental Rehabilitation: C

Biodiversity: C

Ecological Field Methods: A

Research Project: B

Biodiversity: B

Aquaculture: A

Thank you to all those who expresed encouragement thruout the year.

I am now ready and a bit more confident for my last honours year.

On another note, off to see Take That in just a few short hours, woo hoo.

Thursday 18 June 2009

Its a Fiskarette Day

I have two step by step projects up today at Fiskarette's.

"Eyes bigger than your belly" is my official first project as a Fiskarette. I made the LO to highlight Koby's big stick obsession. Head on over to see how i made it.

The second LO was made for the Father's day Challenge and believe it or not this is actually one of the few LO's i have made of my dad as he usually gives me a rude gesture when he see's the camera out, lol. Again full instructions over on the blog.

Also check out Jayne's "Lost" LO today. She is a wizz with the shape cutter and i definatly need the butterfly template for my new butterfly obsession, lol

And that is all folks. I dont want to start anything else crafty as my craft room is perfect waiting for the UPS man to bring my stuff, lol