Thursday 26 February 2009

Mini Retreat

I have not been very productive recently, as college is taking over at the moment. I have an essay due every two weeks until the end of April now so its a busy time.

So this mini retreat with the girls from my crop is just what i need to detox before i get very stressed out.

I have packed, tini suitcase. One very large 12 x 12 hanging box complete with all my stash. One pizza box full of UFO's (Un finished objects, lol), one pizza box for of kits, classes i want to try, one pizza box full of alphas and essentials such as ribbons on blooms. I have my tote and tools plus a 12 x 12 carry tote for forgotton things i can just throw in. Oh and my massive cutting mat from my table. Oh and my laptop and hopefully printer if i can get a cartridge tomorrow.

So do you think i have too much, lol

This is where we are going.

Cant wait to get there tomorrow now and i will be back with plenty of pictures hopefully

Bye for now

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Sneaky peaky

Well i thought it was about time i got round to resizing my sneak peak images for round 4 of scrapbook apprentice. I just loved the kit this month, very bright and funky.

And this was my rejected card in the end.

Voting is still up for round 3 for just a few more days. Click on the icon on the right to see all the entries.

And i thought id show you a little something that has been occupying my time recently. Yeast infections, garlic and thrush!!!!! NO i dont have a medical problem, its my degree research project. I have spent the best part of a fortnight in the lab on a daily basis. I finally finished my last lot of spreads today so will be all finished by monday, phewwww.

I dont think these pictures will be destined to be a LO, lol

Bye for now


Saturday 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's day

Well its that day again, the one where chocolates and flower prices go thru the roof. DH is out this morning so no card here but as we dont usually do cards then i wont be disapointed when i dont get one, lol

But i actually made Keith a card yesterday as i wanted to try a few things out. I saw a loverly little pocket wedding invitation when i was doing research for Mike's wedding invites. I bought a load of A3 white card for something else so i decided to make a template last night. It was actually very easy to make and i can get two cards out of one sheet.

I decided to decorate with some of my scrapbook apprentice past kits, the loverly pink papermania heart range from a few months ago.

I decorated with my January ribbons from

I added little "love notes" inside the pocket.

Also while the boys where off on thursday i decided i couldnt do college work anymore so decided to scrap. It was nice creating a LO just for me and one that was not needed for a challenge or DT work. I just picked a picture from the day, one of Alex whinging when he got a snow ball down the back and declaring that was it, no more snowball fights. So the LO refelcts the fact that Alex cant take as much as he gives!!!!

I used my new Bobunny press papers, a bit of basic grey and a large self adhesive circle that i got at scrap a ganza last year in holland.

Thats all for now folks


Saturday 7 February 2009

Cyber crop time and a few sneak peaks

Well its that time again over on UKS. I wanted to join in but as the boys had two snow days on the days i usually do college work i have had to spend today catching up. Maybe i will get to play tomorrow.

But i have managed to get one class done, in the frame by artbase.

I also mangaged to get my LO's and cards finished for the next round of scrapbook apprentice. I am still not convinced on my second LO but i have enough stuff here to make another LO so i will wait and see if it grows on me yet.

Here are some sneak peaks of the cards. I have still to decide on my favourite

anyway off to bed now as all this playing in the snow over the last few days has pooped me out.

Bye for now


Thursday 5 February 2009

Snow pics

I have lots to show and as i have some loverly new bo bunny papers that are perfect, i may just scrap them later.

And that's it as i dont want to bore you all, lol


Tags, awards and snow

So after days of moaning about the severe lack of the white stuff up here in Scotland, we finally got a dusting in the night. I kid you not, its at least a foot and a half up here in the high ground. I have lots of pics that i will upload once of have resized them.

Anyway, as its a snow day and the boys are home, there is no chance of any college work being done at all today so i had better address some of my tags.

The first one is from Jayne. You have to post the 6th photo from the 6th folder in your photos folder. Then nominate 5 people and leave links in the comments. So here goes.

The 6th folder in my photo album is entitled Misc Family. The 6th picture in that album is this one.

Ok so who do i nominate. I apolgise if you have this tag already but as i havent blog hopped for a while i havent noticed who has it who doesnt.

1. Chrissey

2. Sharon

3. Toni

4. Pam

5. Jo

And lastly i have been awarded the honest scrap blogging award.

The rules for accepting this award are as followed:

1) first list 10 honest things about yourself and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! (

2) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Janice has awarded me this Honest Scrap blogging award, I am inclined to avoid too much 'deep stuff' on my blog, but am happy to share the things I have put down here.

1. I am really not a morning person at all. If i am woken up then i am even worse. If i wake up naturally then i have a nice sunny disposition, lol

2. I am a real crumpy cow for the whole day if i dont have a bath or shower first thing in the morning every day!!

3. I am not proud but i do hold grudges. If i have a fight with a friend, husband or family, i take a very long time to forgive!!

4. I have the attention span of a goldfish and i am very easily bored. I have a huge crate of unfinished craft ptojects under my desk.

5. I would love to give up everything and run a craft shop so i could create all day and every day to my hearts content, lol

6. But then again i would love to be a research scientist. And hopefully after i finish my honours degree next summer, i will be.

7. Not alot of people now this but i do get very low sometimes and it takes alot to cheer me up. I take things very seriously alot of the time and find it hard to just step back and chill out.

8. I have strong family values. I dont care if my boys dont have the lastest gadgets or top name clothes, as long as they have us and know that what we provide for them has been bought with love and hard work, then that is enought!!!

9. I love to read. I will read almost anything from trashy mills and boon, to murder / mystery and right up to jumping out of my skin horror, lol. I go thru 2 paper backs a week.

10. I absolutely hate gardening with a vengence. And since i have a massive garden with lots of grass you can imagine how much i detest cutting the bloody lawn in the summer!!!!!!!!!!!

So who shall i pass this award onto, let me see.

1. Willow, as her LO's are the most honest thing around, they touch my heart often.

2. Laura

3. Jayne

4. Mel

5. Leanne

6. Cleo

7. Chrissy

And i am done, whew

Wednesday 4 February 2009

scrapbook apprentice

Well i made it thru to another round of the scrapbook apprentice. I would like to say i big thank you to all that voted for my this time, i really appreciate it.

And the voting is now open for the next challenge which was to use coordinations CS only. I actually really liked this challenge as i found myself wanting to try something different with the CS.

Here is the LO on the site. This was my favourite of the two actually as i got to play with paints.

I am currently creating for the next round which i will hopefully make it thru to.

Bye for now