Saturday 31 January 2009

Awards and tags.

Ok, i have received another tag from the loverly Jayne plus the twp that i still havent sorted from the loverly Toni and Laura.

I am really bad at doing these. What with college work and having no net for a month, i am way behind with my blog hopping and reading. BUt i will do them soon. They are going to be very random as am my favourite bloggs are already done.

So the one i got from Jay was the 6th folder, 6th photo one. I will post a picture later, i bet its a DS or pooch, lol


Oh what i beautiful morning....oh what a beautiful day

Good morning readers.

I couldnt sleep so i got up very early today. Whilst i put the pooch out for a toilet break i noticed the sky was just beautiful. So i grabbed my camera which was still in the kitchen from yesterdays paint episode, lol and stood out side in my PJ's and dressing gown for half an hour just admiring the sunrise, peace and quiet and the birds twittering away. Only spoiled by the pup having a made one and running up and down at 100 mph it seamed scattering anything in his path!!!

Here are just a few of the shots, i wont bore you, lol, with my snap happyness.

So i am still full of cold and my chest really hurts but i feel in a really optimistic mood today. I am going stash shopping, we are gonna get the boys measured up for thier posh usher suits and we are gonna have spot of lunch. I also have ideas for my second scrapbook apprentice LO so all in all, looking good for the day. I hope i dont regret those words later.

Catch you later

Friday 30 January 2009

Mojo is making an appearance

So i sat for an hour yesterday whilst waiting for the boys to arrive of the school bus and made more chipboard hearts. I swear to god, i hate these hearts. I cu 50 plus large hearts and 120 small hearts. So the job tonight is to start to triple emboss them all and add some bling.

So after doing a little crafting i wanted to do some more. So i started painting my newspaper pages for my in the mix album. There is a tutorial on Donna Downeys site on how to make these pages but basically its 6 newspaper pages stuck together for each page. I just want mine plain white and crumpled at the moment.

The finished pages

More paint

Build up the paint

Pasted pages.

So once i got the painting bug and dirty hands (as i am just too lazy to use a brush, lol)i started on the painted page element of my album. I used textured Bazzil and just covered it in white whilst blending sploges of pink or green whilst the white paint was still wet. I actually laid the painted pages whilst still wet on newspaper print and when i pulled it back some print come away on the page. Produced a nice effect.

Almost there with this in the mix book now


Thursday 29 January 2009

last 2 days to vote

As we come to the end of January (where did that month go i ask myself) that means there are just two more days to vote in the creativity life mag scrapbook apprentice. So if you havent heard about this or havent cast a vote, head on over to the blog, have a read about all us girls and make your vote for your favourite LO and card.

I am still having so much fun for this, but may be short lived.

Anyway, still not feeling too hot and i am still in really low spirits. But i have a trip out to Elgin planned on Saturday for a bit of TLC and shopping. I am headed first to my LSS to watch some demo's by the loverly Beckie Dreyer at the paper craft boutique, home of funky kits and the world famous sugar nellie

I think i will succumb to one of those loverly round faced girl stamps, the more grown up looking ones by Leanne Ellis.

Next i have to go get supplies for my research project at uni. I need caniston and athletes foot stuff, think i will send DH in to get them, embarrising, lol

And hopefully after abit of shopping i may have some spark of mojo back

Bye for now

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Mojo has left the building

Well i was on a creative high on saturday, might have been a result of way too much whiskey in my home made whiskey sauce for our Burns night meal, lol, but i created a LO and a card using the new product for challenge 4 in scrapbook apprentice. I hate my card but i just love my LO.

But since sunday i have had no energy, enthusiasm, inclination or majo to do anything. I started my in the mix mini books for my swap. All i have to do is embellish and bind, usually my fav part and they are still boxed up from my crop on sunday.

I woke in the early hours feeling sick and now i have a migrain from hell. I am feeling so sorry for myself huddled up in two blankets with the heating on and my lap dog sitting on my knee. I cant even blog hop or craft surf as the screen is too bright for my eyes.

Might scoot off to bed and fingers crossed i may wake in a better mood, lol

I feel a cheat not posting any crafty bits so here is a quick sketch you might like to use. I forget i make all these sketches when i am bored, lol


Sunday 25 January 2009

The reveal: Ribbon Oasis

Now that my projects haver finally gone live over at Ribbon oasis, I can can now reveal the finished items. You can see what the other members of the team have come up with here

I had so much fun playing with the pinkness of this kit with a hint of Valentine's thrown in as well. There is a lot of recycling going on in this months projects.

Get ready for the photo over load again. This first project was made using a maths geometry set in a tin. I spotted it in the £1 section at our local Tesco's shop. I wish i had got more now. I even used some of my packaging to make the mini album in side. The tin was perfect in depth to take a good sized BIA wire some i could make a bulky mini album as well.

Next is a little card i made. I am no longer a card maker since scrapbooking stole my life, lol but since being part of the whole Scrapbook Apprentice Experience i have begun to make more and more cards. I came across this bunch of flowers at a car boot sale and knew i would use them in a project once i gave them a good wash. THey were perfect with the green and pruples in this month's kit and the addition of some bling in the form of sparkly brads from papermania just set them off.

And lastly is my favourite. I really threw everything at this project, lol. Again more recycling. I found this lace circle thingy again at the car boot stash. I dont know what its use is but it was perfect for altering and the lace peaking thru just adds a nice romantic touch.

And thats it for know. I hope i have inspired you to use more ribbon on your projects, lol



Saturday 24 January 2009

And some more, lol

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

So funny

I have had so much fun playing around with my Blog. As i cant afford a new look personally its very easy to give my blog a new look, lol

So nice new girly background and a sparkly name tag.

I also found this great little gadget to play with.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

So much fun
BYe for now


Monday 19 January 2009

I am back.......

After weeks and weeks of BT trying to find a reason for us having no internet at all in the house, we received a message on the phone to day that they have fixed the problem. So after watching all the lights blinking on the home hub for what felt like two hours, the net finally came back on.

So i sat trawling thru my 120 emails and checked into my college site only to find loads of emails from my pal asking where i was today. Doh, no email or net ment i hadnt checked into the college site to see that my time table had changed. There was me happily creating away for Ribbon Oasis and the new stuff i received last week when i should have been in Taxonnomy and Aquaculture. I feel so stupid.

Anyway, i have some sneak peaks to show you for the afor mentioned Ribbon Oasis. I just loved all the pinkness and love ribbons this month.

And i finally finished my secong scrap like you mean it LO. Its a wedding medely that i started months ago. The grid is actually the back of a SEI die cut tag sheet that just called for some altering. I sort of serendipity papered it with scraps then added my pics and mounted it on canvas board.

Well thats it for today, i am off to surf and internet shop, lol