Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Two down, one to go.......

i have had exams over the last two days. I have spent weeks worrying about them and they are finally done. The first one was Environmental Conservation which i felt went great. I did need the extra time allocated to me for my dyslexia which was handy for checking over. The second was principles of permaculture. I have mixed feelings about this one. 1 question i felt went great but the second i felt i woffled on a bit. I have the last one on friday, this is the one i am dreding the most.

Just waiting on one more essay result and then i have them all. I have done really well in these essays. I am not sure if its because i have given up work and gone full time or the fact that i have discussed my dyslexia with counsellors and am getting a bit of support. Probably a combination of both.

I will leave you with a LO i did for UKS weekly challenge. It is of my gorgeus Old Shih Tzu Clause. I got him 11 years ago as a christmas from my husband the year we bought our first house. He is feeling his age at the moment and i worry he does not have long left with us. So i am going to spoil him alot.

Of back to the books now.

By for now

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