Thursday, 5 March 2009

Scrapbook apprentice: next round

Well i made it thru to another round of scrapbook apprentice again by the skin of my teeth. Thank you to all those who votes and offered some loverly comments. I dont think i will fair so well this time as the other ladies work is so nice. It will be a shame as i loved playing with the WRMK stuff, just so bright and funky.

Anyway you can vote here. scroll down as i am at the bottom of the page as usual.

Here is the LO up on the site so i can show you.

I loved making the LO. I cut circles out in vary sizes and distressed them. I cut up strips of WRMK papers to embellish. I stitched, a sanded, i hole punched, you name it, i did it, lol

Next is my card. This is not my favourite. The other one which you might not get to see in the mag was a pop up card, very cute. This one i tried something new with the cordinations and PP. I made little paper roses. They came out really well. You cut your self a circle and then you cut it into a spiral shape, like you used to do when making spiral mobiles with the kids, lol. Next you twirl the spiral up in a circular motion to make the rose bud and secure with a dab of glue.

So thats it, maybe see you again with some sneak peaks soon.



Julia Dunnit said...

These are gorgeous! I have an issue with this sort of voting, but I really wish you well - keep at it, your work is lovely lovely!

Unknown said...

I love those roses-and it's a great LO too!

Angela Christenson said...

Lovin' your scrappiness style.