Thursday 2 April 2009

Donna Downey Art Quilt

I really love donna Downey and her projects. She is so modern, fresh and funky and i go on her blog and site on a weekly basis for inspiration. There is a link on the right for Donna (the image isnt showing for some reason but the link still works)

I downloaded the art quilt video last week and i can tell you it was the best $5 (£3.65) i have spent. The instructions are great, clear and easy to follow. In fact me and mum whipped up our quilts at our last crop and fully embellished that night when we got home.

See here is my version of the quilt

And here is my mum's quilt

Both very different but using the same instructions. It was intended to be a hanging but it could easily make a journal/ album cover.



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