Monday 2 November 2009

Bubbly scrumptious sneaks

Well i am about to abandon the blog for a bit as i am frantically trying to finish, or should i say start a 2500 word essay on renewable energy for college. I like the subject but i have hurdles being thrown at me all over the place like children on two Weeks half term and days like today when there is no school due to the bad weather and floods here in the NE of Scotland. Arhhhhhh

Anyway i have been supper organised and made my next 3 weeks worth of scrumptious challenges and Wednesday projects in advance, with all my instructions typed as well, arnt i good or is that just hysterical energy i am using. Now i can concentrate on the essay and DH can pack for my trip to UTAH next week, lol. I will have certainly earned this holiday.

Anyway here are a few sneaks. The first two are for this coming Wednesday and the last one for the week after.

As always, thanks for dropping by



Debbie H said...

Those peeks are scrummy!! Hope you haven;t been affected personally by the flooding up there, not nice as we know here in Evesham after July 2007. 2 weeks at half term - poor you, we just have a week. Good luck with the assignment!!

Ruth Philps said...

Oh you are dead organised Sarah!! Mind you I sometimes get mine done in advance when I am super inspired by the kit....I can't wait to get my hands on Novembers as I am away from home a the moment and am praying it has been delivered to DH....lets hope he doesn't loose it in all the mess and DIY stuff he is doing!!

Loving the look of those sneak you can RELAX after you have your essays done!!

Ruth x

sharyncarlson said...

Love the sneaks - can't wait to see the full projects!