Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Shimelle's Blogging for scrapbookers

I know i said i was abandoning the blog for my essay but i forgot i signed up for the class so i had better make use of it. I have decided its going to be my coffee break time out project each day.

So the prompt was little or no time which just fits perfectly with how my life is steam rolling along at the moment. I have to tell you i overslept this morning. the first time ever. I don't usually need an alarm clock as i wake at 7am on the dot each day and switch the alarm off. But not today, i woke at 8.25am, OMG, shock horror. I was rushing the kids around and the school bus just sailed past the house. We frantically drove to school and got their with 5 minutes to spare. Just shows how frazzled i am and how i must of needed that sleep, lol.

Anyway here is a photo of one part of my desk, piled up with books for a module i am taking. I am designing a wildlife garden with children and biodiversity in mind!!!! Daunting i know.

With the boys being off yesterday i took advantage of a study free day and made 4 dozen pumpkin cupcakes (Thanks to shimelle for the recipe) they are beautiful. I also made a few little Halloween candy pouches with my newly arrived Thriller collection from RP.

You can see the full collection of Thriller on the Rusty Pickle site. And to celebrate the delivery of this wonderful stash, i have one set of thriller papers to GIVE away as a RAK. Just leave me a comment by Friday 9am and i will randomly pick a name and get in the post that day. And i will also chuck in the unclaimed RAK from the Rusty pickle blog hop as the person who won didn't bother claiming it despite me leaving plenty of messages. So here is that RAK as well.

It features the new panama jack collection and a class kit. I don't think either of these collections are available in the UK yet so grab em while you can.

Happy blogging



Rachel said...

Your wildlife garden sounds like a great idea.

Kirsti said...

Wish I could do a wildlife garden - that sounds very interesting... mI don't have enough hours in the day tho so I don't know how you manage it Sarah...

I love rusty pickle at the moment... have just started the LIFE one at the weekend...Have a good day Kirsti x

sharyncarlson said...

Love your garden idea! Good luck in class :)

April said...

Wow, the garden sounds like a lot of fun, and hard work too! I am taking shimelle's class with you, and of course, came by to say HI . . . and wow, I get a chance to win some RP too! Very cool! ~april

Mrsjobee said...

I'm doing Shimelles class but haven't even opened the prompts yet!!!!
I'm out of the loop regarding new papers but those RP ones look lush.

ForgedinPaper said...

I've resisted Shimelle's class although those cakes sound yumm.
Enjoy your trip.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Sounds like an interesting garden! Love the little bags!

Sharon said...

The garden sounds great fun!!

Love your pumpkin too. :-)

Another wonderful RAK Sarah. The Thriller range is beautiful!!!

so kind

Ali M said...

I dont know how you fit everything in!!Amazing !
love yr work..