Monday 30 November 2009

Crafty me time

I took some time out on Sunday from family and college work to go to my crop. I took 3 projects with me and half completed just two. But i did finish one when i got home.

I made a christmas wreath for Ribbon Oasis. I know there are lots of them out there in cyber space but i am just too lazy to cut hundreds of circles out or make tiny flowers. THis one is supposed to be made with 100% ribbon cut at 4" lengths but i am not parting with that amount of my precious ribbon, not even for Santa!!!!

So i gathered all my gold, blue and brown PP and CS from my scrap box and cut into pieces about 4 inches x 1/2 inch. You will need lots. I tried to make about 6 pieces of each pp or ribbon with the bulk of the circle being filled in with mainly blue pieces.

My ring is 10" in size.

To make the circles, you put them together as if making rings for old fashioned paper chains, overlap slightly and puch a straight pin from the inside out through the paper/ribbon. And thats it. I made most of my rings first and then attached. I also put most of the paper rings in first then went around and slotted in the ribbon rings later.

I dangled a christmas decoration in the middle, £1 from Tesco's for 12, bargin.

So here is mine

Hope you like, any questions, just ask



Ruth Philps said...

Sarah this is of the nicest ones I have ever seen and believe me I have searched through hundreds of wreaths on the net!! I have been loooking for a polystyrene circle to no avail so i am curious as to wht your centre is made out of?

Sharon said...

Your wreath is gorgeous!! Love the colour scheme you have chosen.